For most Kiwi sports clubs, raising funds is a constant challenge.
Sportsground makes it simple.

Sportsground is providing a FREE website to every single sports organisation and sports club in New Zealand. Thatís thousands of websites, free of charge. Each site accepts over 100 pages of content, including photo and video galleries, sports draws, newsletters and group email for announcements. It also includes a free sub-site for every associated sports team.

Itís very easy to use. You can make changes directly from any computer connected to the Internet, anywhere, at any time. This transforms your website from simply being an online brochure to being a method to communicate with your community, and for coaches to easily communicate with team members and supporters.

And hereís the best bit...

Every site includes advertising banner positions that can be used for fundraising. Each banner position can accept messages or adverts from anyone who supports you. Supporters simply click on a banner position and create their message or advert right there and then, then pay online. Two thirds of every payment goes to your sports club, and the remainder contributes to the cost of providing the website.

Even if you already have a website, you can still make use of the FREE team sub-sites with their easy communication and fundraising features.

Why it's making a difference. and are making a real difference for Kiwis by providing:

  1. Improved communication medium for schools, sportspeople, coaches, teachers, parents and supporters.
  2. Improved cohesion in between regions, clusters, organisations and clubs.
  3. Easy to use technology that engages the interest of youths.
  4. A new method of fundraising.
  5. Greater professionalism and consistency in the way schools and sports are promoted online.
  6. Reduced dependence on web design volunteers.
  7. Retention of knowledge that is often lost with changes in staff and volunteers.
  8. Increased sense of community surrounding schools and sport.