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Blog Update: Kuztown

Under a month till race day! We’ve been following the American Olympic trials and the Tour of France coverage on TV.  Olympic adverts are increasing in frequency.  Sometimes I catch my mind wandering off thinking about racing... The anticipation and excitement is creeping in.

Our overseas campaign started 21st May. We departed NZ for the indoor velodrome in Carson, LA. Most days were track sessions, but we also got in a few road rides along the beach, past places like Hermosa Beach, Long Beach and the Trump golf course.

From LA we flew east to our training base in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, living in apartments down the main street. There are fantastic roads to train on, but to make it more interesting you have to keep an eye out for deer, snapping turtles, and daring chipmunks darting out in front of you. This training block was mainly road-based but incorporated trainer sessions, gym, and track sessions down the road at the Valley Preferred Cycling Centre on the 333m concrete outdoor velodrome.  Over the years Trexlertown has come to be known to NZ cyclists and locals as ‘t-town.’

Kutztown is known for having a large Amish and Mennonite population in the surrounding area. They work out in the fields in traditional clothing, long dresses and bonnets all year round, we overtake horses and carts on our bikes. It’s a different backdrop to training in NZ! We had a visit from the New Zealand US Correspondent, Jack Tame, who summarizes our unique training environment in the following video clip… click here for video

I’m just emptying the fridge, using the last of the blueberries, fresh corn and turkey from the markets.  The suitcase is half packed and I’m about to head out on the last road ride in Kutztown. It’s likely we’ll start with a loop around Crystal Cave, possibly swing by Lake Ontelaunee, or even a ride toward Hawk Mountain – some of these being scenic attractions I’ve only appreciated from sitting in the saddle of my bike seat! When I’m not training it’s about recovering, a typical outing is a visit to the Kutztown movie theatre where for the past four years tickets are all $5!

We’re about to depart for our final training block in Bordeaux, France. Back on the indoor velodrome. I’m looking forward to meeting up with my aero-helmet and Avanti track bike…! (‘Avanti’ is Italian for ‘move forward.’).

…Then on to London!

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