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Blog Update: Bordeaux

Sunflower fields, ancient buildings, French bakeries and vineyard estates! These are sights we are lucky to get a glimpse of from the seat of our road bikes, but while we are here it’s all about indulging in time on the indoor velodrome!

Another breakfast is over, I’ve navigated around the croissants, pan au chocolate, crepes, etc to get to my fruit, muesli and toast. Lunch is always a good sandwich, and dinner looks something like vegetables with rice and chicken, or maybe salad and lasagne, all on the eight-day meal rotations planner prepared by our nutritionist for this training phase in Bordeaux.

We are now well into the final build-up before London. The whole team has been into camp, we’ve taken up in excess of a floor of the hotel – with athletes, coaching staff, sports science, physiotherapists, a team doctor, bike mechanics... Early on in camp the addition of more seats to the long dinner table in our bike room/ dining room made for elbow-to-elbow eating conditions at one stage!

5mins down the road at the velodrome our new Olympic track bikes look awesome with subtle designs incorporated into the paintwork like the silver fern running up the seat tube. I wake up each morning excited about getting on the track. The training load is being reduced and I’m starting to feel some freshness coming into the legs after some tough months of training.

Today is the last day on the track before everything gets carefully packed away for the journey on to London. This process isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. We each have between 2-4 bikes each depending on the event, plus race wheels, training wheels, helmets, bike trainers for warming up, etc… and then when arriving in London it will all have to be set up again! The packing process has already begun as the mechanics are appearing less frequently, seen at the track and occasionally around the coffee machine. They do in incredible job, nothing is ever put in the ‘too hard’ basket.

Halfway through camp we were presented with our Olympic cycling uniform, such a privilege to wear... and I’m grateful for the NZ colours in skin-tight uniform! The NZ Olympic Team uniform is presented to us on arrival into the village. Ready to embrace the next step on to London with a great NZ team of athletes and staff.

For now it’s all about eating good food, quality training, recovering well, and preparing to race!

Thanks to everyone for your help and support so far!


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