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A Different Kind of Individual Pursuit...

From the Commonwealth Games to a Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Academy in the Kunyu Mountains near Yantai, China!

I have never done Martial Arts (Kung Fu) before but pursuing cross-training of a special kind! I have a few weeks break to squeeze in this opportunity before getting back on the bike in NZ.

It's been my first full day at the Academy. My Shaolin master is Master Chen. We are each assigned to a group and a master of martial arts. People of all ages and abilities stay for varying amounts of time from weeks to years. For more information on the school Click Here.

DAY ONE - 6am start with Tai Chi and Qi Gong before breakfast, followed by morning training session (we were introduced to a form and acrobatics), lunch, afternoon training (sanda: Chinese kickboxing), dinner, then Mandarin Chinese study, now bed!

15 days to go!

No Facebook or Google in China so I'll update with some photos and video on my return to NZ on Facebook Click Here. On here are also photos, posts and links from my recent Commonwealth Games experience.

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