The NZ government is asking for public submissions on a pending application to exempt fluoride (HFA and SSF) from the New Zealand Medicine’s Act, with a closing date of 9th January 2015. To View Medsafe Webpage Click Here


We need everyone to put in an URGENT submission saying why fluoride should NOT be granted a legal exemption - we’ve supplied a pre-written form, so it’s quick and easy, if you are pressed for time. It can be emailed or posted. See below for more details. But feel free to write your own submission from scratch. We’re hoping everyone can get these submissions sent before the Christmas rush and the holiday break.

The Ministry of Health will consider feedback from submitters early in the New Year. A final decision on the proposed amendment is likely to be taken in late January or early February 2015 following consideration by the Minister and Cabinet. If approved, the new regulation is likely to come into force in February or March 2015.

This has come about as a result of a Judicial Review against the Ministry of Health in November 2014. To View The Judgement Document Click Here

The most shocking thing is that in his judgement the judge advised the Ministry of Health’s legal team to apply for this exemption for fluoride in water supplies. Exempting fluoride in water supplies would be unprecedented. As yet, no exemptions have been issued for ingested substances, so if this exemption is granted, fluoride would be the first.

We would appreciate your help very much, and would be grateful if you could forward this request to any other medical, science or legal professional you know who might be able to make a submission or forward it on to their own networks.

It can also be printed out and duplicated for public distribution in any way you see fit.

Submission to Consultation on Proposed Amendment to Regulations under the Medicines Act 1981 – Fluoride (2014)

I do / do not (delete whichever does not apply) give permission for my personal details to be released to persons under the Official Information Act 1982

“It is proposed that a new regulation be made under section 105(1)(i) that:
Fluoride containing substances, including the substances hydrofluorosilicic acid (HFA) and sodium silico fluoride (SSF) are not medicines for the purpose of the Act when they are manufactured and supplied or distributed for the purpose of fluoridating community water supplies.” Medsafe




Question 1.  Do you support the proposed amendment? If not why not?

NO. I do not support the proposed amendment because:
1.      Fluoride is not a water treatment like chlorine
2.      Fluoride is added to the water as treatment for the disease of dental caries therefore it is a medicine
3.      The Medicines Act is designed to protect people from the risk of indiscriminate use of medicines, reflecting the ethical codes of health professionals to “first do no harm”
4.      The proposed amendment would effectively remove the safety precaution protecting people from harm thereby undermining the right of every New Zealander to be safe from the indiscriminate use of medicines

Question 2.  Are there other fluoride-containing compounds used to treat community water supplies that should be specifically named in the regulation?  If so, what are they?

NO.  Fluoride and its compounds are not used to ‘treat’ community water supplies.  In community water fluoridation (CWF) the purpose of fluoride and its compounds is to treat people

I do / do not (delete whichever does not apply) wish to speak to my submission.

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Regulations under the Medicines Act 1981 Consultation
Clinical Leadership Protection & Regulation
Ministry of Health
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