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Hamersley Cup Unveiled & New Sponsor Welcomed

Founder remembered in senior trophy
By JACOB PAGE - The Timaru Herald  19/03/2010
The 2010 South Canterbury rugby club season has been launched with a focus on bringing back the lustre and tradition of days gone by.
Last night at Alpine Energy Stadium the South Canterbury Rugby Union (SCRU) unveiled a new sponsor for the senior competition and a new trophy that the union hoped would serve as a reminder to South Canterbury rugby's early years.
The senior rugby competition will be known as the Personnel Placements club rugby championship, with the winning club receiving the Hamersley trophy.
This will be the first time since 2008 that the senior competition will have had a sponsor.
Personnel Placements director Wendy Robertson said she was excited to be involved with South Canterbury rugby during a time of change. "It's a fantastic time to come on board."
The 186cm tall silver trophy, which cost about $7000, is named in honour of George Hamersley, who founded the South Canterbury Football Club in 1875, and later instigated the move to the South Canterbury Rugby Union name.
SCRU president Roy Chapman said it was important to have one trophy "that will lead us into the future, while reminding us of the past".
"We've had three different trophies we have played for over the years, and now with this great idea we will have a constant trophy."
South Canterbury rugby historian, Jeremy Sutherland, who was integral in getting the Hamersley trophy established said Hamersley was the perfect choice to lend his name to the trophy.
"The safest thing to do was to start from the beginning, and Hamersley was the beginning."
SCRU chairman Brent Isbister said it was important for the union to have a major sponsor for the senior competition, and he hoped it would continue for years to come. He said rugby had an important part to play in the South Canterbury community, and he hoped the Hamersley trophy would add to it.
"This trophy will reflect all our history, and that's important.
"It's not about the teams that have won it today, it's about the teams and players that have gone before them."

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