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               Umpire's Tournament, Wednesday 5th November at Bowls Napier - start time is 10am - not 9am as printed on page 28 of the centre handbook.
Jim & Helen Bentley - BHB Mixed pairs winners
Bowls Hawke's Bay
P O Box 5061
Napier 4145
Bernard Morton, Centre Manager
021 241 622



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This site was last updated 21 October 2014


An online entry form is available on this site, go to "Online Entry Form" tab above or -  HERE!

Hastings Trophy (Women's Monday Interclub) Day one results compiled by Frank and Jenny Hosegood - see HERE.

BHB Mixed Pairs.
16 qualified for post-section play - which, because of adverse weather conditions, was transferred from Omarunui to indoors at Heretaunga . The consolation event was to be played at Taradale, but was cancelled after persistent rain set in.
The final eight in the main event were;
Ian Mason/Josephine Connolly, Ken Smith/Asi To'omata, Jim & Helen Bentley, Bruce & Lois Stewart, Murray Glassey/Jane Selby-Paterson, Malcolm Stockwell/Raelene Cronin, Phil Young/Sheryl Glock and Steve Oliver/Susan Belcher.
The final was won by Jim & Helen Bentley Heretaunga (pictured) 21-2, over Sheryl Glock and Phil Young (Taradale).

Controller Frank Hosegood, Umpire Colleen Ferrick.

Players are asked to respect the following Bowls New Zealand regulation and ensure that clothing is of a neat and tidy standard.  Laws of the Sport of Bowls, Domestic Regulation 1.3.2

Bowlers are reminded that only flat soled shoes/sandals (with a slightly abrasive surface) can be worn on Hawke’s Bay bowling greens.

Reason; currently, there is a problem with bowlers wearing ‘sports’ shoes (running/walking/netball shoes with treaded soles) on Hawke’s Bay greens.   
Stones wedged into small holes in the sole of sports shoes can cause serious damage to artificial/carpet greens when inadvertently dragged/scraped on the surface of the green.    Precision lawn-mowers used to cut natural greens are damaged by stones of any size.  Tar covered stones are often attached to the sole of sports shoes by walking on pavements or roads.  Tar causes permanent damage to carpet greens – think of your car after going through road-works!
Be aware that you may be asked by the Controlling Body or an Umpire to remove your illegal or unsuitable shoes, and may need to play in your socks!

Player’s Clothing
Club Tournaments:  for club tournaments, playing attire shall be determined by the Club.
Open Tournaments: for any tournament other than a Club Tournament, members of * ‘Teams’ or ‘Sides’ that also may include singles players, must wear garments of the same colour/design as determined by the Tournament Controlling Body.  Any garment may have logos displayed, but the Controlling Body may impose conditions relating to sponsor’s logos to ensure that there is no conflict with a tournament sponsor.

* A ‘Team’ is a Pair, Triple or a Four – like in an ‘Open Fours’ event.
A ‘Side’ is number of teams – like the ‘Sevens’ or ‘District Shield” when points for all disciplines are

Corrections to BHB 2014-15 handbook;
1)  Page 49, - Men & Women, Ch.Ch events - Fours only; should be; 3 games of 18 ends or 2 & 3/4 hours - not 18 ends or 2 hours as printed.
2) Page 28, - Umpire's Tournament, Wednesday 5th November at Bowls Napier - start time is 10am - not 9am as printed in the centre handbook.

Find 2015 Intercentre Draw HERE - or on "Representative/Coaching page"

See BHB 2014-15 Conditions of Play, Format of Play and Code of Conduct on 'Documents' page.

Find all BHB 2014-15 INTERCLUB details on 'Draws/Interclub' page - or HERE

BNZ 2015 National INTERCENTRE conditions of play - HERE

BNZ 2015 Details/Arrangements sheet for all BNZ events - HERE

BNZ Results of Intercentre survey etc - HERE

BNZ 2014-15 National Tournament entry form on 'Documents' tab or HERE

BNZ 2014-15 Programme (2 pages) see HERE

BNZ 2015 National Interclub Finals COP - HERE

BNZ 2015 Regional Interclub Finals COP - HERE


Island Bay (Wgton) Women's 2x4x2 January 2015 see HERE

From Ivan; result of Havelock North Women’s Championship Pairs played Sun. Oct.12th
1st;  Lois Black, Jocelyn Hall
R/Up;  Val Dorreen, Marie Walker

Bay View Championship Fours winners; Bev Withers,
Judy Richards, Eleanor Holyoake & Stathea Caccioppoli

Taradale Championship Triples winners, Barbara Exeter, Sheryl Glock and Linda Boyd

Heretaunga Championship Pairs winners; Colleen Ferrick and Lois Stewart

You will find the following on 'Newsletters/Circulars/Minutes' tab:
(1) June Central Regional newsletter,
(2)  BNZ circulars.
(3) Umpires August 'Jack-Up' newsletter,
(4) Umpires latest minutes
(5) BHB monthly board minutes

For the latest in news around the greens in Hawke's Bay, listen to Phillip Stephens, Newstalk ZB 1278 AM between 7am - 8am every Saturday (summer season only).
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