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                         Men’s 2nd Division Seven’s final (between Havelock North and Heretaunga) will be played at Kia Toa on 8.30am Sunday 14th February - which is a postponement day.
Winners of the Railway Pairs at Bowls Napier - Fred Ellison and Paul Sorensen
Bowls Hawke's Bay
P O Box 5061
Napier 4145
Bernie Morton, Centre Manager
021 241 6822



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This site was last updated 5 February 2016


An online entry form is available on this site for BHB events,  go to "Online Entry Form" tab above,  or HERE


Please note:

BHB Women's Triples WILL be played at Taradale and Kia Toa Saturday (they have NOT been cancelled!), with HQ at Kia Toa on Sunday.  The previous notice was incorrect!

BHB Match Committee advise that because of heavy rain forecasted - Men's triples Section A" will play at Bowls Heretaunga indoor stadium on Saturday. section "B" will play on Sunday at Bowls Heretaunga.

BHB Men’s Centre Triples

2015-16-BHB Men’s Open Triples (Ivan, Eunice and Ian Mason Shield - 1985) to be held at Bowls Heretaunga (headquarters) February 6/7, 2016.

2014-15 winners - Havelock North’s Graeme Fulford, Peter Kennedy (formerly Hutt Bowling Club) and Greg Hodges, will be hoping to repeat their success of last season.  In this year’s team, Bill Buchan replaces Greg Hodges who will skip a trio of ‘young guns’ – Brian Doyle and Glenn Dickie.

Havelock North Club bowlers have won this trophy 10 times since its inception 31 years ago.  A remarkable record!

28 teams (9 from Taradale), will contest this year’s title, and there will be many interesting matches to decide who is superior on the day, in terms of ability and skill in this challenging two-bowl triples event.

There will be some wonderful bowls played at Bowls Napier over the weekend – be sure to call in there…………!

BHB Women’s Centre Triples

BHB Women’s Open Triples (Winstanley Cup – presented by Cissie Winstanley in 1975) is to be played at Taradale and Kia Toa (Headquarters), Saturday, Sunday 6/7 February at 8.30am.

For various reasons last year’s winners – Natarsha Grimshaw, Jane Selby Paterson and Helen Bentley (Heretaunga) will not be defending their title.

Of the 22 teams entered (same number as last year), seven are from Napier, five from Taradale, three each from Kia Toa and Havelock North, while Omarunui and Bay View have two entries.  No entries have been received from Waipawa, Waipukurau, Heretaunga, Bluff Hill and National Service.  Teams have been drawn into two sections, and will play four games of 18 ends, with three –or four wins to qualify for post section play at Kia Toa on Sunday.

Extraordinary as it may seem to players today, triples were not included in women’s centre events prior to 1975 – only Fours, Pairs and Singles were played.  Today, 3 bowl triples is the most popular game, but the format of two bowl triples is one that brings consistent, accurate two bowl draw players to the fore.

Opinion – cdf

BHB Women's Triples DRAW - HERE
BHB Men's Triples - DRAW - HERE

BHB v GEC - 8 Years and Under at Wairoa Monday 8th February.

Hawke’s Bay Women’s team:

Singles 1. Alison Lott (Taradale)
Singles 2. Michelle Robinson (Napier)
Pairs.        Chris Telford (Napier) ( s ) ( Team Captain)
                Helen Bentley (Heretaunga)
Fours.      Jo Wroe (Waipukurau ) ( s )
                Irene Hunt (Napier)
                Linda Sowersby (Kia Toa)
                Sheryl Viggers (Taradale)
Selector/Coach – Jim Bentley/B Skidmore

HB Men:
Lloyd Fitness, Brian Godber, Paul Viggers (Taradale) Mike Phillips (Heretaunga) Richard Rangi (Kiatoa).
Greg Hodges, Brian Doyle, Grant Hall (Havelock North).
Selector/Coach - David Palmer

Conditions of play/results sheet and teams for BHB v GEC 8 years and under, men and women at Wairoa February 8th see  - HERE  - several sheets....

BHB Women’s Interclub.

See final results  CHART HERE  (scroll down...) 

BHB Women's Div. One 'Sevens' at Bowls Napier.

Taradale (14 pts), will go forward to the National final at Hillsboro - Carlton-Cornwall Bowls HQ, Auckland 19/20 March 2016, after a close win over Havelock North 10 points + 32, and Omarunui 10 pts +28.

Josephine Connollly (Havelock North) won all three singles matches, and the other 'three winner' on the day was the Taradale Fours team.

The Taradale team was, Alison Lott (Singles), Lillian Tukiri and Sheryl Viggers (Pairs), Louise Fitness (s), Barbara Exeter, Sheryl Glock and Cheryl Humphries. (Fours)

Division Two: see final chart above....

BHB Women’s Interclub Division two at Bowls Taradale 23/24 January 2016.

1st Bay View 18 points - plus 49
2nd Taradale “C”, 18 points - plus 30
3rd Napier 17 points - plus 30
4th Kia Toa 15 points – plus 29
5th equal - Waipukurau and Taradale "C" - 10 points

Congratulations to the Bay View club, which will play in the National Interclub second division finals at Balmoral - Carlton/Cornwall (HQ) (Auckland) 20/21 March 2016.

Team photo (see 'News' page; from left, Colleen Black, Barbara Clark, MJ Rickard, Bev Withers, Judy Richards (Manager), Marion Choat, Di Bentley and Mere Nepia

Interclub Triples Result:
BHB Women’s Triples Interclub at Havelock North 23/24

Results by controller J Wyllie

Result: It was all Bowls Napier – clear winners in all three divisions of this 3-bowl triples event for players who have not played in their club’s interclub ‘sevens’ Division One sides.

​Because of the extreme heat on the day (plus 30 degrees) ends were reduced from 14 - to 12.

Section 1 – Bowls Napier “C”
Section 2 – Bowls Napier  “A” – winners of the Barrymore Shield (for most points)
Section 3 – Bowls Napier “B”

Up-coming events:

Senior Women Hexagonal at Palmerston North 20-21 February. Transport by mini van Friday 19th February
A Singles. Alison Lott (Taradale)
B Singles. Robyn Pritchard (Napier)
A Pairs.    Lillian Tukiri ( s ) (Taradale)
                Jo Wroe (Waipukurau)
B Pairs      Chris Telford ( s ) (Napier)
                  Michelle Robinson (Napier)
Fours.        Louise Fitness ( s ) (Taradale)
                  Raelene Cronin (Napier) (Team Captain)
                  Barbara Exeter (Taradale)
                  Helen Bentley (Heretaunga)
Selector Bruce Ferrick has named the following players to represent Bowls Hawke’s Bay in the annual Hexagonal at Palmerston North 20/21 February 2016.

Neil Barron (Taradale)
Michael Brown (Havelock North)
Dean Drummond (Heretaunga)
Lloyd Fitness (Taradale)
Patrick Golder (Heretaunga)
Richard Hocking (Taradale)
Pat McCleary (Waipukurau)
Dave Stevenson (Napier)
Tony Terry  (Heretaunga) – Team Captain
Phil Young (Taradale)

Men’s 2nd Division Seven’s final (between Havelock North and Heretaunga) will be played at Kia Toa on 8.30am Sunday 14th February - which is a postponement day.


COP National (Club/Pathways) Champs. - HERE
COP National 2x4x2 Championships - HERE
COP National OPEN Championships - HERE
COP Senior National Intercentre Finals - HERE
COP 8 Years & Under National Finals - HERE
COP National Interclub Finals - HERE
CHARTS & DRAW  for Interclub finals - HERE

DRAW - National Intercentre (Senior) - HERE
DRAW - Nat. Intercentre (8 Yrs. & Under) - HERE
BHB Strategic Plan 2015-2017 HERE
'Buddy System' - to assist new bowlers - HERE
'Easy Laws'  -  to assist new bowlers - HERE
'Tips on Etiquette' - to assist new bowlers - HERE

From Bowls NZ:
National Under 8's Intercentre.

There seems to be some confusion (not surprisingly) about the eligibility clause for the National Under 8's Intercentre.  Below is the regulation:


  • 6.1.1  A Playing Member shall only be selected to represent and play for a Centre in this competition if they are a Full Playing Member of a Club within that Centre and have been a Full Playing Member less than 8 years on 1st July of the season in which the event is being played. Centres must have available for inspection if required by the Tournament Director, evidence of any Players eligibility.
Editors note - perhaps the following may be clearer.......Players need to have played eight (or five for Junior)  FULL seasons to be ineligible.

- In other words:
If a player was first registered in the season BEFORE July 1 2008 - that player is ineligible.
If a player was first registered in the season AFTER July 1 2008, that player is eligible.
e.g. just like a racehorse's birthday is August 1 of any set year - a bowler's birthday is July 1.

Because of a clash of dates with the representative programme, BHB Match Committee have moved the date of the Men’s Champ of Champ Fours to Saturday 18th June, and the Men’s Champ of Champ Triples to Sunday 19th June 2016. They will be held at Bowls Heretaunga.
Find FINAL revised proposed programme - HERE.
Find BHB Tournament dates - list - HERE

Major changes to Bowls NZ events: For latest Bowls NZ Event Review circular -
see HERE

BHB General Information

December Information from the Board of BHB:

Barry Fuller (Waipukurau) has been appointed a Director of the Board of Bowls Hawke’s Bay.

An Eight years and under one-day fixture (men and women), at Wairoa on Waitangi Day Monday (8th February 2016), is being considered by the Boards of BHB & GEC.  Confirmed.

Next season - to assist clubs with more time to arrange markers, catering etc. closing time for BHB Tournaments will be 10 days before the event (currently 8 days) – i.e. Wednesdays instead of Fridays, at noon.

A new trophy will be purchased to replace the damaged trophy (Mollie Bennett Cup) for Junior Women’s pairs.

The Gardner Shield (1928) is to be be overlaid on another blank shield to extend the life of the trophy.

District Shield:  In future, no club will have ‘home advantage’ on the first day of play.

Junior Events:

Junior status. Some clubs have sought a direction from BHB in this matter. BNZ now only support 8 Year and under and one Centre has moved to this category.  However after discussion, Bowls Hawke’s Bay propose to continue with the current format of “five years and under” as junior status – this includes all Centre and Champion of Champion Junior events

Winners of  five/ten/twenty senior/open titles (not including junior) are entitled to apply for a Centre Event Badge.   See/print application form HERE then send to Bernie Morton, BHB Centre Manager.

At the AGM of Bowls Hawke’s Bay, the following remits were approved for format of play 2015-16.
  • That all Centre Singles events be first to 21 points, with no time limit.
  • That all Centre Fours events be 15 ends, with a two hour time limit – except the final, which will have no time limit.
  • All other Centre events remain the same as last year.

New LAW BOOKS (available from 1st January 2015) - see flyer -  HERE
See order form - HERE


Maori National Bowls Tournament at Wainuiomata  this weekend.  Several HB players participating -
See draws and results here - Click Here

From Taradale club’s mini triples on 05/02/2016 – from John S.
1st.  Phil. Lamason, Robin Oates & Norm Wilson, 3wins+37&18ends.
2nd. Barb Exeter. Bryan Godber & Sheryl Glock, 3wins+34&17.
3rd. Alan Frame,  Dave Kaye & John Sowerby, 3+13&16.
Best last game was tied, Colin Little ,Brian McCarthy  Peter Strothers,+9&6 -  also Mike Geldard, Marg Frith & Marie Fenton

Bowls Taradale are holding a Women's Fours GALA on Wednesday 9th March 2016 at 10am.
Have you got your team's entry in?
If not, phone Cheryl Simpson 843 7475

Results of the Hawkes Bay Honda sponsored hetero triples held at the Bay View Bowling Club on Thursday (via Bev).
1st    P Turnbull, R Felby, L Parsons, Taradale,  3 wins,  15 ends,  24 pts
2nd    B Withers, J Richards, B Clark,  Bay View,  3 wins, 14 ends,  26 pts
3rd    P Lamason, G Lamason, N Wilson,  Taradale,  2 wins 15 ends, 34 pts
Best Last Game    T Pittar,  A Robinson,  T Kilpatrick,  Bay View,  6 ends,  17 pts
Lucky Team    M Nepia,  D Zidich,  C Menhennett,  Bay View
Kumera    L Beaufort, M Brown, P Tasker-Poland, Napier

Result of Havelock North Ladies Championship Fours played Tuesday Feb.2nd - from Ivan.
1st.Heather Leyland, Susan Belcher, Josephine Connolly, Liffy Law(s)
R/Up. Carolyn Richardson, Lynda Francis, Shirley Passey, Jocelyn Hall (s)
Kia Toa junior men and women's pairs at the weekend (by Joy).
The women's winners were Nancy Tucker and Jackie Morgan who won with 2 lives
Runners Up were Linda Sowersby and Brigid Caccioppoli
In the men, Brian Rivers and Ray Scott were the eventual winners and Richard Rangi & James Ludlam the runners up.
The semi final between Richard Rangi & James Ludlam and Steve Asquith & Mark Gardner was the thriller game.
They were 17 all after 17 ends.  On the last end Steve was holding and Richard's last bowl came in and took the shot and then Steve played an amazing but very unlucky bowl.
He picked up the jack and took it back but unfortunately it bounced onto Richard's bowl and Richard got the shot by about 6 inches.
BHB have a number of new men's full length black trousers, and women's three-quarter length black pants for sale at $15 p.p.  Contact Centre Manager, Bernie Morton.

Item of Interest if requiring or selling bowls:
People having access to face book can look up (https//www.facebook.com/kiatoabowlingclub) where Coral Lukies is preparing a list of HB Bowlers looking to buy or sell 2nd hand bowls. Members can email coralllukies@yahoo.co.nz if they have bowls they would like listed.  Or visit the Facebook site to see if there are bowl sets suitable for them.

For the latest in news around the greens in Hawke's Bay, listen to Phillip Stephens, Newstalk ZB 1278 AM between 7am - 8am every Saturday (summer season only).
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