The banner advertising positions on a website are designed to make it easy for anyone in your community to support a sports organisation, sports club or school. The pricing of the banner positions for team sites and classroom sites are set at a level that is intended to appeal to any local business owner. This might be a hairdresser, butcher, retailer, café, pub, plumber or other tradesperson, accountant or professional. You can identify many potential supporters by creating a list from your local Yellow Pages or by noting the names of businesses visible in retail, commercial and industrial areas around you.

It is recommended that you do NOT approach the usual corporate sponsors such as the top 200 public companies. Your interactive banners are ideally designed for local businesses who will recognise the name of your sports club or school and who operate in your local community.

Your website fundraising campaign should be treated with the same level of effort and dedication that you would apply to other fundraising events or campaigns. Form a committee and develop a plan for how you will communicate the banner advertising opportunity as deeply into your local business community as possible. Ensure you repeat your campaign throughout the year.

The best way to secure a supporter is to ask them directly, face to face. Therefore, to maximise your exposure to potential supporter, you should enlist as many people as possible to go into your community to approach businesses. Since not everyone has natural sales skills, some fundraising tools have been provided for you. For more information, refer to the fundraising section of your online Help, accessible through the function panel once you are logged in.