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Canoe Polo Hawkes Bay
Kelly Walters, Secretary


Canoepolo Hawkes Bay
A/C 03-0631-0433400-00

8/6/14 Final Results B/C Grade National League

Hurricanes B1 - 8th B Grade
Hurricanes B2 - 10th B Grade
Hurricanes C - 1st C Grade

Hurrikets B1 - 1st B Grade
Hurrikets B2 - 6th C Grade

Hurricanes A - 7th A Grade

2013 International Canoe Polo Rules
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29/6/14 Final Points E-F Grade

Click Here Final points for E-F Grade this year. Well done to all of the teams who participated.

11/9/14 Winter League Points

I Apologise, but documents are not uploading to the website at the moment. Draw for Sunday is as follows at Flaxmere Pool.

2.30pm - D Grade - Karamu 7 vs NBHS Jun C
2.48pm - C Grade - Karamu 6 vs Taradale Marchal
3.06pm - B3 Grade - Taradale Tayla vs SHC/SJC
3.24pm - B2 Grade - NGHS Amazons vs HNCPC Culham
3.42pm - B1 Grade - Taradale Mead vs NBHS Jun A
3.50pm - A2 Grade - LF Stormers vs NBHS Sen B
4.08pm - A1 Grade - HNCPC Hunter vs HBHS 56's
4.26pm - Social Late - Flippin Crazy vs USC
4.44pm - Social Early - Team Tumeke vs Grape Whites
5.02pm - Div 1 - WineOBees vs Phoenix
5.20pm - Prem - Bald Eagles vs HBHS Akina

See you all there. Please pass info on to everyone.

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