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We Inspire Possibility!  Know yourself and push your boundaries surrounded by other passionate people.  Karate for a better quality of life.
NZ Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Kyokai (Dunedin)
Facebook - Karate-do & Kobudo Otago
Thanasi Michael Balaphas, Instructor (5th Dan)
021 173 0278, Please text


"True victory is self victory"
- old Japanese saying

Welcome back to Karate-Do and Kobudo for 2015!

2015 is going to be massive, so lets get training.

Please refer to the "Training Schedules tab" above for training times and locations near you.

ALL students fill out new members (registration), onegaishimasu!

There have been some changes to the schedule this year in order to try to maximise the training oportunities.  Students (past and present) and parents/guardians have made some sugestions and we are prepared to experiment in order to find the right balance.

We have had strong demand for holiday courses are finalising dates and programs for the Term 1/2, Term 2/3 and Term 3/4 holidays.  We plan to deliver beginers courses and intermediate and advanced programmes for our current students.  An awesome way to accellerate your progress to reaching your goals!

Sunday 15th February 1:00-4:00pm first Rules Seminar.  Check out news tab for details on next one.

Hi everyone!

Dunedin Okinawa-kan
Training this Saturday at Tahuna Normal Intermediate
31 Auld Street, South Dunedin
3-5 pm Juniors & Seniors

Also, "Goju Ryu Okinawa kan Karate do New Zealand" is our National facebook page, please join to stay in touch with our organisations news  :-)

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