Coach/Manager/Volunteer Registration (2016)

Thank you for volunteering your time and expertise to facilitate sports at Rangitoto College.  Please complete the form below and read through the code of conduct expected of all representatives of the school.
Police vetting is required every 3 years so please contact your TIC or Sport Department to complete a form.  Should you be required to drive any of the school vehicles, and Vehicle User form will need to be completed.  Please contact your TIC or Sport Department to complete.

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Have you been Police Vetted within the last 3 years
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Terms and Conditions

COACH, MANAGER, OFFICIAL OR VOLUNTEER CODE OF BEHAVIOUR 1. Positively reinforce the actions of players. 2. Lead by example. 3. Be honest with yourself and players. 4. Create an enjoyable environment in which to play the game. 5. Develop team respect for officials 6. Give all players the opportunity to participate in the game. 7. Insist on fairplay and discipline. 8. Be reasonable on the demand on players’ time, energy and enthusiasm. 9. Encourage sportsmanship. 10. Use appropriate and acceptable language. 11. Control the game in a fair and positive manner. 12. Be consistent and objective in your rulings. 13. Modify your approach to suit the level of player skill. 14. Help players learn the rules by explaining decisions where appropriate. 15. Do what you can to make sure that everyone enjoys the game. 16. Encourage fair play and not tolerate foul play of any kind. 17. Be a positive role model.

I accept