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Welcome to the website of the Swamp Rats.
Green Island Cricket Club
PO Box 13032
Green Island
Green Island
John Moyle, President


Hi and welcome to the GICC Website.

GICC Awards 2015-16

Batting G Croudis
Bowling D Lobb
All Rounder C Viljoen
Highest Score G Croudis
DCA Challenge Cup
Steve Graham Memorial

2nd Grade
Batting P Lepine
Bowling M Johnson

GI Thirds
Batting J Gilbert
Bowling J Gilbert

Club Awards:
Most Improved G Croudis
Club Fielder S Simpson
Performance (Sunnyvale) B Butta-Scurr
Performance (Season) G Croudis
Highest Score (Club) G Croudis
Club Captain's Trophy J Scott

2015-16 Highlights

Gregor Croudis Club Batsman of the Year
Gregor Croudis Fastest Senior Century (58 balls)
Dion Lobb Club Bowler of the Year
Matthew Johnston Second Grade Bowler of the Year

Scott Simpson 107* v Kaikorai.
Congratulations to Christi Viljoen for his selection in the Otago Volts.
Greg Croudis 142* v Taieri
Blake Butter-Scurr Maiden 100 v NEV
Greg Croudis 100th Senior game
Mark Joyce 2nd GI player to reach 500 wickets
Mark Joyce plays his 300th Senior game
Dion Lobb becomes the highest wicket taker in GI history (651)

Otago/Southland Knockout Rd 2 v NEV Nov 15th.
Otago/Southland Knockout Rd 1 v Carisbrook-Dunedin. Sunnyvale Sunday Nov 1st.
Knockout Semi v Albion Sunday Dec 13 at Sunnyvale. Lost by 9 wickets.

Christi Viljoen maiden 100 v Albion

Club Patron Pete Graham passed away early on Friday morning. A funeral for Pete will be held at Green Island Presbyterian Church (Main South Rd GI) on Tues Oct 20 at 2pm

Congratulations to Brad Wilson, Dion Lobb and Bradley Scott for their selection in the Otago Volts Squad.

Scott Simpson 200th Senior Game

Senior Debuts
Christi Viljoen #263
Brad Wilson #264
Charles Elton #265
Blake Butter-Scurr #266
Duncan Croudis #267
Kadin Brocks #268
Michael Blanks #269

Seniors won the Steve Graham Memorial v Taieri Sat Oct 10th

D Lobb 5-20 v Taieri

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GICC Awards 2014-15

Batting G Croudis
Bowling B Scott
All Rounder A Harris
Highest Score S Simpson
DCA Challenge Cup
Steve Graham Memorial

2nd Grade
Batting H Gangadharen
Bowling M Johnson

Batting G Hurring
Bowling M Wilson

GI Bandits
Batting C Jones
Bowling J Gilbert

Club Awards:
Most Improved R Allen
Club Fielder A Harris
Performance (Sunnyvale) J Gilbert
Performance (Season) S Simpson
Highest Score (Club) J Gilbert
Club Captain's Trophy J Moyle

Congratulations to all winners!

Closing Night Saturday March 28

2014-15 Season Highlights

Jeremy Scott 100*
James Gilbert 111
Jeremy Scott hattrick Antelopes v Uni-Grange
Dion Lobb 6/32
James Gilbert 7/19
Mike Wilson 5-7
Dion Lobb 600th Senior wicket
Scott Simpson 107 v NEV
Shane McNoe hattrick Antelopes v Kaikorai
The Antelopes have won 5 games

The Senior team have been knocked out of the Otago/Southland Promo X Knockout Tournament by Taieri (Congratulations to Albion for winning the right to represent Otago at the competition)
The Senior team won the Steve Graham Memorial v Taieri
The Senior team lost the Vic Crimp to Albion
The GI Antelopes won their first match of the season v Uni-Grange

Senior debut
Joel Meade #258
Andy Sarman #259
Hayden Craw #260
Ricky Allen #261
Marcel McKenzie #262

Jesse Ryder will be playing for Green Island when available this summer.

Welcome home Bradley Scott.

Teams for the 2013-14 season have been entered in Senior, Second Grade, 3rd Grade and The GI Bandits.

The season begins for Senior and 2nd grade on Saturday Oct 5. 3rd grade begins Oct 12

2013-14 Club Awards

Batting B Scott
Bowling B Soper
All Rounder M Joyce
Highest Score B Scott
Bing Harris
Vic Crimp
DCA Challenge Cup
DCA Declaration Cup

2nd Grade
Batting S Nambir
Bowling M Johnson

Batting G Hurring
Bowling G Hurring

GI Bandits
Batting C Jones
Bowling R Gilbert

Club Awards:
Most Improved N Watt
Club Fielder G Croudis
Performance (Sunnyvale) B Soper
Performance (Season) D Lobb
Club Captain's Trophy P Graham

congratulations to you all!

2013-14 Highlights

Senior debuts
S Nambir (#256)
J Ryder (#257)

D Lobb 300th game March 8
A Harris 100th game March 8

D Lobb 9/15 v OBHS 1st XI
B Soper 7-41 v Albion

NZ v India
ODI Jesse Ryder
Test Hamish Rutherford

NZ XI v India Hamish Rutherford

Hattrick Andy Sarman GI 2nds

NZ v Bangladesh - Hamish Rutherford
Otago Volts - Hamish Rutherford, Jesse Ryder, Bradley Scott, Blair Soper

Round 1 GICC 302/7 b Queenstown 201 by 101 runs
Quarter Final GICC 118/3 b Kaikorai 116 by 7 wickets
Semi Final GICC 109/4 b C-Dunedin 108 by 6 wickets
FInal GICC 100 lost to Albion 243 by 143 runs

Vic Crimp Cup v Albion won by GI
Steve Graham Trophy v Taieri won by GI

The first GICC Blazer night was held on Saturday Nov 9 with GI Blazers awarded to Life Members and Senior players with 100 or more appearances.....

GICC Quiz night Sunday Dec 1st Kensington Tavern 7-?

2012-13 Highlights

In addition to the items listed below, at the DCA Awards night the following also happened:

Mark Joyce - DCA Club Cricketer
Scott Simpson - DCA Senior Batsman
Dion Lobb - DCA Senior Bowler
Mathew Johnston - DCA 2nd Grade Bowler
James Gilbert - 3rd Grade Batsman
Senior Team- Fielding Trophy
John Moyle - Gordon McGregor for Services to Cricket

Seniors won the Bing Harris Shield
Seniors won the T20 Competition.
Seniors won the Speights One Day Cup
Seniors won the Southern Sports Bar and Grill One Day Cup
Seniors won the Senior Declaration Cup
Second Grade won the Second Grade Declaration Cup
3rd grade 100s to Mark Donaldson, James Gilbert and Ricki Gilbert
3rd grade 300 run partnership (Donaldson and J Gilbert)

NZ XI v England - Hamish Rutherford
NZ Black Caps T20 - Hamish Rutherford
NZ Black Caps ODI - Hamish Rutherford
NZ Black Caps Test - Hamish Rutherford

Otago Volts - Hamish Rutherford, Blair Soper

Otago Under 19 - Greg Croudis, Ben Willemsen

Ant Harris returning to the club after an 8 year absence.
Senior Debuts - B Hitchcock (#252) and B Patston (#253), P Blanchard (#254), B Smith (#255)

100 Senior games - R Ritchie, J Munro, N Watt
150 Senior games - S Simpson
500 Senior wickets - D Lobb
400 Senior wickets - M Joyce
Most Capped Senior Player - D Lobb (279*)

2012-13 Awards

Batting S Simpson
Bowling D Lobb
All-rounder M Joyce
Highest Score S Simpson

2nd Grade:
Batting N Watt
Bowling M Johnston

Batting W Kellett
Bowling J Paterson

GI Bandits
Batting J Gilbert
Bowling R Gilbert

Outstanding Performance :
Season- 300 run partnership J Gilbert & M Donaldson
Home B Willemsen (6 catches)
Club Fielder A Harris
Most Improved Player B Soper
Club Captains Award J Scott
VC Award J Waldron

2011-12 Highlights

Otago Volts - Craig Cumming and Hamish Rutherford
Otago A - Blair Soper
Otago Under 18 - Greg Croudis, Ben Willemsen

Congratulations to Chris Jones, Jeremy Blair, James Gilbert, Aaron Soper and Andrew Pauling for making their Senior debut this season.

Most Senior Appearances Dion Lobb 257*

Alun Kennedy became the 16th Senior player to reach 100 games

Maiden Senior 100 - Greg Croudis
Senior 100 - Hamish Rutherford

Winning the Steve Graham Memorial v Taieri

Matthew Johnston 7/15
James Gilbert 7/10

2011-12 Awards

Senior: Batting Hamish Rutherford
          Bowling Jordan Sheed
          Alrounder Mark Joyce
          Highest Score Craig Cumming

Seconds: Batting Nigel Harvey
              Bowling Mathew Johnston

3rd Grade A: Batting Jeremy Blair
                    Bowling James Carraher

GI Bandits: Batting Chris Jones
                  Bowling James Gilbert

4th Grade: Batting Glen Hurring
                Bowling Phil Beale

Club Awards:
Outstanding Performance - Season - James Gilbert.
Outstanding Performance - Sunnyvale - Mathew Johnston
Fielder - Ben Willemsen
Most Improved - Greg Croudis
Club Captains Trophy - Shaun McNamara

2010-11 Highlights

Seniors won the Bing Harris Shield - 4th time in a row!
GI Bandits won 4th grade. 2 years in a row the club has won 4th grade.

GICC Awards 2010-11
Senior : Batting Hamish Rutherford
              Bowling Mark Joyce
              Alrounder Mark Joyce
              Highest Score Hamish Rutherford

Grade : Batting Mustafa Hafiz
            Bowling Brendon Duffell

GI A :    Batting Jeremy Blair
            Bowling Isaac Hills

Bandits : Batting Chris Jones
              Bowling James Gilbert

Club Awards:
Outstanding Performance - Season - Hamish Rutherford.
Outstanding Performance  - Sunnyvale - 4th grade double century partnership Jeremy Blair & Bryce Watkins
Fielder Jordan Sheed
Most Improved Ben Willemsen
Club Captains Trophy John Moyle

Dion Lobb 400th Senior Wicket.
Jeremy Scott 350th Senior Wicket
Mark Joyce 300th Senior Wicket
Russel Ritchie 100th Senior Wicket

Mark Joyce 200th Senior game.
Jordan Sheed 100th Senior game
Jerry Waldron 100 Senior appearances.

2nds chased 292 v Kings 1st XI

Seniors retained the Steve Graham Memorial Trophy v Taieri

Senior Debuts for M Hafiz, J Riordan, B Willemsen, R MacCormack J King, P Dixey, F Klassen

Hamish Rutherford 109*, 184, 136
Bryce Watkins 120*, 100
Jeremy Blair 106*
C Jones 108

M Joyce 5/31&59*
M Joyce 58 & 3/7
J Sheed 102 & 4/34

Saddle Hill Steamers (GI and Taieri) won the 2010-11 Franchise competition.

J Sheed 101* ( Steamers v Bears )

Craig Cumming to continue to captain the Otago Volts this summer.

2009-10 Highlights

Winning the Senior Banner - 3 Titles in a row!
4th Grade - GI A won the competition!

The Saddle Hill Steamers finished 3rd

Green Island lost the Otago/Southland Knockout Final to Uni-Grange on Jan 17th.

Craig Cumming, Hamish Rutherford and Mark Joyce selected in the Otago Volts side.

The Seniors regained the Steve Graham Memorial Trophy off Taieri (who had borrowed it for 2 years)

J Sheed 127 v Taieri
M Joyce 103* v NEV
M Joyce 150 v Central Knights (Franchise)
M Joyce 126 v Northern Bears (Franchise)
J Sheed 100* v Kaikorai
C Jones 101* v ?
D Lobb 8-34 v Uni-Grange
M Sumner 7-31 v ?

GICC Club Awards 2009-10
Batting J Sheed
Bowling D Lobb
Alrounder M Joyce
Highest Score J Sheed
2nd Grade
Batting N Harvey
Bowling B Duffel
4th Grade
Batting B Hamilton
Bowling J Carraher
GI Bandits
Batting C Jones
Bowling K Parry

Club Fielder
Best Performance:
Season D Lobb
Sunnyvale M Joyce
Most Improved M Sumner
Club Captains Award D Gray

We have 4 teams entered in 2009-10
Senior, 2nds and 4th Grade A & GI Bandits.

Club Training Nights at Sunnyvale
Tues & Thurs 6-730.
4th grade Wed 630-800

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