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  • 'City News' summarising the Hamilton City Council's decision to remove fluoride - June 2013  Click Here for PDF
At the time of the tribunal, the Council did not just vote fluoride out, but it published its findings and its main reasons in the free City News flyer which was posted to every household in Hamilton. These reasons included:
  • Toothpaste is much more effective than fluoridation of water supplies.
  • 99% of household water goes down the drain.
  • Communities around the world are rejecting it – most of Europe does not fluoridate.
  • There is strong evidence that fluoride should not be ingested at all by babies under six months old and bottle-fed babies are therefore at greater potential risk.
  • While fluoridation may have some benefits for some, it isn’t good for everyone and fluoridation of the water supply affects personal choice.
  • It is cheaper for people to get fluoride as needed, and in an effective manner, than it is for people to avoid it from the public water supply.
  • There is statistical evidence that fluoridation potentially causes harm.

  • The Harvard Study
    A systematic review of all the published Fluoride/IQ studies to date. (27 published studies with 25 showing an association between 'high’ fluoride in water and lowered IQ.) Published in the prestigious journal Environmental Health Perspectives by Anna Choi et al titled 'Developmental Fluoride Neurotoxicity’
    Click Here

  • Fluoridation Mathematics by David W, John, MD Click Here

  • Health Considerations of Chlorine and Fluoride by Heather Howes Click Here

  • Policy Position on Ingested Fluoride & Fluoridation by  David C Kennedy, DDS. International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology, Jan 2003.  62 pages of interesting reading. (Email it or post it to your dentist!) Click Here

  • Review article "Is fluoride still a pivot of preventative dentistry?" in the European Journal of General Dentistry, Vol 2, Issue 1, Jan-April 2013 Click Here

  • Inside Story: Panacea or Poison? by John Roberts, Sunday Business Post, 1 September 2013 Click Here