Hamilton City Council Tribunal Hearings (May - June 2013)

History was made at 10.15am on Wednesday 5th June 20133 when Hamilton City Council, NZ, voted 7-1 to remove Hydrofluosilicic Acid from our public water supply.

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To view the four days of hearings and the decision
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"An Inconvenient Tooth - Fluoride Documentary" Video

An Inconvenient Tooth is a documentary film about fluoride. It was released September 6th, 2012 at the City Hall in Portland, Oregon, USA. Two and a half hours long.
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"Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation" Video

Medical and scientific opposition to water fluoridation has grown exponentially over the past few decades. In this video, a Nobel Laureate in Medicine, three scientists from the National Research Council's review on fluoride, dentists and toxicologists discuss the ethical and medical issues of water fluoridation, and why fluoridation programmes should be terminated.
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Fluoride - Doctor Scanlon's Presentation to New Plymouth Council 2011

Part of Dr Peter Scanlon's presentation to the New Plymouth District Council's Tribunal Hearing in 2011. Councillors decided to stop 40 year fluoridation program as a result of the Hearing. Dr Scalon's 40 minute presentation played a big part in that decision.
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"The Fluoride Deception" Video

An in-depth interview with Christopher Bryson, author of the book 'The Fluoride Deception' (see above), discussing his surprising findings, is now available on DVD. Contact FANNZ spokesperson Mary Byrne to purchase one copy for $3 (plus postage) or a pack of ten copies for $25 (plus postage) to share with friends and family.
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The Truth About Fluoride with Dr Paul Connett

If you thought that Fluoride was safe and effective, then you've no doubt been following the mainline medicine and government line. Unfortunately the truth is that they lied, committed fraud and covered up evidence in order to facilitate water fluoridation. The following is an in depth presentation by Dr. Paul Connett, the world's leading authority on fluoride toxicity at the UNCENSORED conference in the Grey Lynn Community Hall in Auckland.
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Fluoridation - Economic Madness

Paul Wedell speaking at Wellington Regional Council on the Economic Madness of Fluoridation.
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The Two Most Misused Quotes in the Fluoridation Debate

Unfortunately, there are two quotes that have been used and abused over and over for decades by journalists, writers, fluoride proponents and news media outlets. Anyone using these two quotes is guilty of spending very little time actually researching the science, ethics and legal aspects of the public health policy of fluoridation. In this video from the Fluoride Action Network, the origins and meaning of each quote is exposed and explained while revealing just how meaningless and outdated they have always been in the overall fluoridation debate. The health and safety of the public is never served when quotes such as these are used incessantly in an attempt to demean an opponent or impress someone with outdated statements from a respected government agency that are without merit or current factual backing.
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Water Fluoridation - Radio Interview with Declan Waugh.wmv

Interview with Declan Waugh, Environmental Scientist and Risk Management Consultant discusses the human health risks of water fluoridation with Andy Oudman of London Today, Ontario, Canada.
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"Fire Water" Video

Australian Fluoride documentary made in 2011 - well worth watching. 2 hours long.
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Arizona Fluoride Debate 2012

September 2012. Debate about fluoridation of Phoenix municipal water supply between Dr. Paul Connett, renowned toxicologist and author of "The Case Against Fluoride" and Dr. Howard Farron, DDS, winner of the Arizona Department of Health Service Dental Public Health Award for his efforts in fluoridating the City of Phoenix.
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"FLUORIDEGATE An American Tragedy" Video

January 2013. This telling documentary addresses the abuses and liberties taken by corporate and governmental special interests as Dr David Kennedy reveals the true nature of the problem as he challenges the powers that be. 1 hour long.
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"The Great Culling - Our Water" Video

Our water, our food and our air are all under attack. This film is the first in a series that exposes how the eugenics agenda is being quietly implemented. The Great Culling: Our Water (DVD, 92 minutes) specifically focuses on how water fluoridation fits into this Machiavellian plan. Water is essential to life, learn all the ways it is being manipulated as part of a larger depopulation agenda.

Featuring: David Kennedy, Gary Pittman, Mike Adams, Paul Connett, Charlie Goetschel and Laura Pressley.
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A United States Pediatrician Speaks Out About Water Fluoridation

28 Dec 2012. In this short video, (4.38 mins)  Dr. Yolanda Whyte discusses some of the reasons she opposes fluoridating water supplies. This is brief and suitable to get out to mainstream - especially mothers of young children.
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NZ Doctors & Dentists Speak Out About Water Fluoridation

  • Dr Anna Goodwin, Bachelor of Science in Biology, Doctorate of Medicine, Hamilton oncologist.  Watch Video
  • Dr Jane Beck, BSc., MBBS., MRCGP., MFOM, retired Thames doctor.  Watch Video
  • Dr Lawrie Brett, DDS, Whangarei dentist  Watch Video
  • Dr John Jukes, DDS, Waipukurau dentist  Watch Video
  • Dr Hisham Abdalla,    , Auckland dentist
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  • Dr Stan Litrus, DDS, Wellington dentist Watch Video

Hamilton City Councillor Speaks Out About Water Fluoridation

Hamilton Councillor Dave Macpherson was recently involved in the tribunal process that voted 7 to 1 to remove Fluoride from Hamilton's water supply.
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Hamilton Researcher Speaks Out About Water Fluoridation

Dr Paul Wood is an ex-headmaster and has a degree in science with a Phd and a doctorate. Paul was one of the many people who would be considered "default fluoridationists" in that they accepted what the Ministry of Health said without investigation. Once Paul did his own research he was shocked to find out that fluoridation does not reduce dental decay and it does pose serious risks to our safety.
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Hamilton Chemical Engineer Speaks Out About Water Fluoridation

Gus Hastie is a Chemical Engineer who discovered that he is hypersensitive to the fluoride chemicals added to the public water supply. Fluoride sensitivity is well documented in the literature (1-5% of the population), but the public are not informed of this. Many people are fluoride sensitive and simply do not know that they are.

They know that they feel sick and may be treated for any number of symptoms, but neither they nor their doctors have any idea that fluoride is the culprit.

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National Spokesperson for Health Freedom NZ Speaks Out About Water Fluoridation

Heather Howes, national spokesperson for Health Freedom NZ, has a Bachelor's degree in Applied Mental Health where she studied fluoride as a topic.

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