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North Harbour NHL player and Junior Black Stick player Erin Goad  in the lead up to their Junior World Cup in Germany.

After spending 26 hours flying, we finally got to Dusseldorf. Couldn't get over Dubai airport, where we got off the plane and had to go via train to another terminal, it was insane! Slightly got lost too.  When we arrived to Dusseldorf we had to pile onto a bus and travel to Monchengladbach which was about 30mins away. Awesome to go on the autobarn and see cars travelling at crazy speeds.

We arrived to our hotel around mid afternoon and it was such a stunning day. Not a cloud in the sky and 30 degrees. Bit hard going from 15 degrees in New Zealand and wearing our tracksuit. Where we are staying is beautiful. It backs onto a garden park and not even kidding, everything is symmetrical and so tidy, the flowers are blooming and bees are buzzing. We walk through there every morning on our morning walks.

On Sunday we did our first training at the stadium. When we were travelling on the bus there, the stadium didn't look like the pictures on the internet but when you got close and looked down it was massive! Im not too sure how many people would sit there but it would be deathly if the crowd was full. Our training was really light, as we were still pretty jetlagged and just wanted to get the muscles moving again. During the day we also went to a jazz music festival in the park, that backed onto our hotel. They do it every Sunday and there were hundreds of people there. We sat out in the sun and got our tan on and this little German kid came up to us and played around with the rugby ball. Probably didn't know what it was but he was pretty good! There was a language barrier as he kept speaking German to us and we just kept saying nine (which means no) becuase we had no idea what he was saying! Overall it was a pretty awesome day.

On the monday we trained again, but it was extremely hot! The temperature was around 30 but it was definately hotter on the turf. Some of us trained in bibs so we could at least get some breeze through. Other than that, we trained really well and was starting to get use to the time difference.

Yesterday, we had the best day so far. We travelled to a plave called Köln, which was about a hour away on train. Our manager Sarah told us that there was this amazing Cathedral and when we arrived, we were mind blown by how huge it was! It was built in the 1820s but then stopped building for 600 years because of the war. The Cathedral was the only building left standing during the war because it was the place of god. Im pretty sure i took over 100 photos of the Cathedral as it was stunning and I've never seen anything like it. Köln is also known for there shopping and they were right! It was crazy! People everywhere and so many shops. I didn't end up buying anything but a lot of the girls did. We travelled back via train again to Monchengladbach as we had to prepare for our first practice game against England. We played the game later at night which was nice because the weather was so much cooler. The game was really good. We got better as the game went on and started to make some really good connections. We ended up winning 5-0 which is a great result. Although England arrived that morning its still a good result for us.

So thats all for now, playing a practice game against USA today, so will be a good test to see if we can back it up.