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Q. What are Sportsground and Schoolground?

A. Since a picture speaks a thousand words, please view this YouTube video.

Q. We already have a website. Can we still benefit from this service somehow?

A. Yes, in a number of ways. See a list by clicking here.

Q. Where can I learn about new features or simply how to use the service?

A. Visit these demo sites for sports organisations and schools.

Q. We'd like to use the service but don't have time to create our site. Could you add the content for us for a fee?

A. Yes, due to a number of requests, a service has been introduced where we will create your site for you for $195 + GST and from then on you can simply login and make future changes if you wish. We can copy the content from an existing website if you have one, or you can complete a form and provide images if you have any. To talk to someone about this service, please complete this form and we'll contact you.

Q. Our National Sports Organisation (NSO) provides a website for clubs involved in our sport. Can we still use

A. Yes, in a number of ways. Firstly, it is generally accepted that if you want people to know about your organisation, you should list your contact details in as many places on the internet as possible. This should include Also, although some NSOs do provide websites, some are not easy to use and most do not offer the functionality that comes with a site from - such as the sub-sites for individual teams and the ability to raise funds online.

It is acknowledged that some NSOs have invested heavily in developing their own websites and want clubs to contribute towards their central costs. However we are unable to deny clubs the right to use the Sportsground service if they wish to do so. In any event, clubs do not need to choose one site over the other - they can benefit from both. For example, a club can use the desirable features of a Sportsground site and link to them from an existing site or vice versa. Clubs are encouraged to support their NSO as much as possible. For more information on the benefits of a Sportsground site for organisations that already have an existing website, please click here.

Q. Can we embed a search of the sports club database into our own website to show the search results there?

A. Yes. Click here and select the sport(s) and regions(s) you'd like included, then click 'Create custom search'. Then, to show search results from within your Sportsground website, copy the link (highlight the link text, then right-click and select 'Copy'), then paste it into the input box that is visible when you click the 'More options' button when you're editing one of your Sportsground custom pages. Or, to display the search results from within an independent website, ask your web designer to use the HTML code provided.

Q. We already have our own web address (domain name). Can we use it?

A. Yes, when someone visits your web address, it can display your free site from Sportsground or Schoolground. Click here for instructions on domain redirection.

Q. Can we keep our existing website but still use the sub-sites and online fundraising?

A. Yes. Simply create a hyperlink from your own website to your Sportsground or Schoolground team sites or classroom sites.

Q. How do the sites help fund Kiwi schools and sport?

A. Each site includes a 160x600 tower banner advertising position that is available for sports organisations, sports clubs and schools to use for fundraising. To learn more, click here.

Q. We already have sponsors. Do we have to have to share what they give us?

A. No. Only revenue raised online through the two advertising banner positions is shared. There are many other places and ways that you can recognise your existing and future sponsors on your website without reducing the ability of these two banner positions to raise extra funds. For example, you can create a page for your sponsors, name a team after a sponsor, include links to your sponsor's website, and display your sponsor's logo in the picture of any page.

Q. Do we have to participate in the fundraising through the banner positions?

A. No. However if you don't use the advertising banner positions to raise funds, then after they have been vacant for a reasonable period of time we may display our own advertising in the positions to contribute towards the cost of providing you with your free site. Alternatively, for a fee, you can lock the advertising banner positions on your website so that only you can change their content.

Q. Will my site show on Google and other search engines?

A. Google and other search engines have automated processes that constantly crawl the internet to find new and changed websites to include in their search results. It may take a number of weeks before your site is found. It is generally agreed that one of the most important things you can do to improve your rankings with Google and other search engines is to list your web address on other people's websites. This is because Google uses a 'trust' system that improves the ranking of your site based upon the number of other sites that have links to your site. We recommend you take some time to get your site listed in as many online directories and other websites as possible. Note that you can submit your web address (URL) to Google at to try to accelerate it being found by a Google search but this may not improve its ranking.

You can also add a Meta Description and Meta Keywords to your website, through the Site Options button near the View icon when you are editing your site. The Meta Description is a short summary that will be displayed in Google search results for your site. For example the Meta Description for Sportsground is "A free easy-edit website for every sports club, school, team and classroom in New Zealand. And you can raise funds through the advertising banner positions." The Meta Keywords are words that best describe your site and are used by some search engines to categorise your site. Each keyword must be separated by a comma and a space (Eg. "hockey, seniors, Auckland").

Q. How can I get support or technical help?

A. Comprehensive Help for the service is published online at and Simply login and then click the 'Help' item listed in your function panel on the left of your screen.

If you are unable to find the help you need, you are welcome to call the technical support Helpdesk on 0900 777 876 between 9am - 5pm on weekdays. Please note that Helpdesk calls cost $1.99 + GST per minute to contribute towards the cost of providing the service. Please ensure you have permission from the telephone account holder before making your call.

Q. How do I contact the editors of a site?

A. You can contact the editor of a site by visiting the site and clicking the link 'Contact site editor' at the bottom of the page.

Q. How do I contact Sportsground & Schoolground?

A. To help us meet your needs, please select the nature of your enquiry on our Contact us page.

Q. Can I delete a site?

A. An editor for the website of a sports organisation, club or school can delete the website of any associated team site or classroom site (refer to the online help). If a sports organisation, club or school has ceased to exist, please email details to so that an administrator can confirm and remove the site.

Q. Who owns my website?

A. The servers and software used to host and manager your website are owned by Sportsground Ltd. The content of your website is owned by you.

Q. How do I register?

A. It is free to register by following these steps.

  1. Click ‘Login’ from the function panel on the left side of a Sportsground or Schoolground site.
  2. Click ‘Register now for free’ to go to the registration screen.
  3. In the boxes, type your:
    • Email address
    • First name & last name
  4. Choose a username and a password that you will remember. (Note that your email address becomes your username by default, but you can invent your own username if you wish.)
  5. Click on ‘terms and conditions’ to read Sportsground’s Terms of use agreement.
  6. Tick the checkbox if you accept the terms and conditions.
  7. Click on the ‘Register’ button.
  8. An email will be sent to you to verify your email address. Click the link in the email to complete the registration process.

Q. How do I login?

A. It is easy to login by following these steps.
  1. Click ‘Login’ from the function panel on the left side of a Sportsground or Schoolground site.
  2. Type your username and password and click 'Login.'
If you have forgotten your password, clicking ‘Forgot your password?’ will enable you to recover your password by entering your username (your password will then be emailed to the email address for that username). If you have forgotten your username, please refer to your old emails to find it since we are unable to recover your username for you. If you are unable to find it, you will need to register again with a new username.

Q. Can I obtain a list of who has opted in to receive emails of Notices from our website?

A. No. The Notices section is designed to comply with both the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 and the Privacy Act 1993. When people opt in to receive notices, they only provide their email address, not their name or other personal details. The first time they click to subscribe, the service automatically emails them a link they must click to verify their email address and confirm they want to receive future emails. Each subsequent email contains an 'unsubscribe' link so they can remove themselves at any time. As well as complying with anti-spam legislation, this method has the added benefit of making the beneficiary (recipient) of the emails responsible for keeping their own email contact details up to date. Sportsground and Schoolground websites allow multiple editors, many of whom change from one year to the next. and adheres to a policy of never releasing email addresses, including to website editors, since doing so exposes the service to the risk that someone might misuse the email addresses to promote other products or services (spam). Organisations that decide to replace an old group-mail facility with the Sportsground and Schoolground Notices feature need to be mindful that (a) only people who opt-in will receive Notices, and people can opt out at any time, (b) any emails generated through this service contain the exact same content that is publicly displayed in the Notices section of the website (ie the service is designed to email public information, not private information).

Q. Is it safe to provide our bank account number and GST number?

A. Absolutely. Anyone who has ever sold anything on Trade Me knows that it is common practice to provide your bank account number to allow people to pay you online. Only you can withdraw funds from your bank account. Giving someone your account number only allows them to deposit money. Similarly, your GST number is not confidential. If you are GST registered, you should provide your GST number whenever GST applies to a payment made to you.