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Makes fundraising as simple as a
sausage sizzle. and are a new concept that use the power of the internet to fund kiwi schools and sports. Like other "Web 2" services such as Wikipedia, YouTube and Skype, it is free.

The service provides a website for each of the two and a half thousand schools and the many thousands of sports clubs and organisations across New Zealand. Each site accepts over 100 pages of content, including photo and video galleries, sports draws, newsletters and group email for announcements. Each website also provides a free sub-site for every associated classroom and sports team in the country.

It's very easy to use. You can login and make changes directly from any computer, anywhere and at any time. It really transforms a website from simply being an online brochure, to being a method to communicate with your community. Teachers and coaches can easily communicate with their students, sportspeople and supporters.

Raising funds is a constant challenge for most kiwi schools and sports clubs. So the sites include two advertising banner positions that can be used for fundraising. Even clubs and schools who already have a comprehensive website can still incorporate the free class and team sub-sites to benefit from the easy communication and fundraising features.

If you represent a New Zealand sports organisation, sports club or school, look for your site
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