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Go to our Gisbone HSOB Squash Community page and "like" to keep up with whats happening in our space.  And if you are a financial member, go to our Gizzy HSOB Squash closed page for just a litle bit more.
Gisborne High School Old Boys Squash
Anzac Street
Audine Grace-Kutia, Squash Co-ordinator


January 2015

So what is all the haps for us so far this year!!!

I have created a Gisborne HSOB Squash “Like” page.  This is a community page where anybody all over the world or around NZ and Gizzy can come and check us out on FB.

The other Gisborne HSOB Squash “closed” page on FB exists for financial members and it is here where we will post most things like in-house notices, and other stuff particularly for our members.  Shortly I will start inviting people to “like” our other page.

The usual events are still taking place and at this stage the calendar looks something like this:

April Opening Teams Tournament  - will occur during the week (Weds or Thurs) for 3 weeks
May Village Butchery Tournament – will occur during the week (Weds or Thurs) for 3 weeks
May/June Queens Birthday weekend  Open Tournament (Fri/Sat/Sun)
June – Interclub (tbc) will occur during the week (Weds or Thurs) for 3 weeks
July – Club Champs – over a weekend
August – fundraiser Open
October/Nov Closing Teams Tournament  - will occur during the week (Weds or Thurs) for 3 weeks

Junior Squash programme
Will recommence in term 2.  Looking to trial a Tuesday after school this year.  Any feedback welcome. Please confirm if your child/children are returning for junior squash coaching please.
I am also keen to hear who my might be willing to assist in the coaching department this year too please.

Court Cleaning
A huge thank you to Mo Osborne who continues to mop our courts during the week.  He volunteers to do this on a weekly basis and we are really grateful.  Thanks Mo!!

The club AGM is late Feb, so following this I will update everyone on what our squash fees will be for the year.

Anyone keen to represent HSOB Squash this year in any representative teams? let me know.  We will be selecting a team to represent us for the annual G & H Training Pot (formally the Lion Brown Pot).  This is being played in Gisborne this year in May.  Superchamps eliminations teams usually work themselves out normally as a result of some keen player who wants to get one off the ground.  Guys and Girls interested in this event too need to start putting their feelers out.

Hoping to hear from you and see you all real soon!!!

August 2014

Standard block bookings down at the courts :

every Monday during the school term, junior squash runs from 4pm - 7pm.

Campion College have Tuesday afternoons 3.30pm to 5pm during the school term.

Please ensure you lock the court doors and building on leaving the premises.

Hi everyone
First round playing times for the tournament which starts tomorrow Wednesday night are as follows:
3.45        Boaza Raeina v Tawera Nikora; Kahn Grayson v Cameron Holdem

4.15        Eliarn Destounis v Patrick Mathers; Zach Destounis v Zen Preddey

4.45        Amit Singh v Quade Hyde; Amanda Mathers v Ariata Kutia

5.15        Rose Martin v Eugene Destounis; Evarhn Destounis v Zen Preddey

5.45        Fleur Paenga v Susan Destounis; Hadfield Kutia v Parearau Kutia

6.15        Jenny Parker v Alan Parker; Willie Donnelly v Ria Akuhata

6.45        Audine Grace-Kutia v Keith Pomare; Kat Baty v Kandyce Bevan

7.15        Gavin Nickerson v Jason Lines; Jamie Brodie v Jeremy Morten

7.45        Chrissie Middleton v John Boy Smith; Robyn Chaffey v Ariata Kutia

8.15        Tom Harbott v William Donnelly; Riki Donnelly v Matt Tietjen

8.45        Mita Bidois v Matt Pennell; Tommy Akuhata v Tuhi Hyde

Village Butchery Tournament rules

  • All games best of 5.  A Division and B Division play to 11. All other divisions play to 15.  Win by two.
  • A Division and B Division will play with a double dot ball.  All other divisions to play with a single yellow ball.
  • All players have to mark and referee the game straight after you have finished.
  • Grading points will count.
  • Any unjustified defaults (will result in grading points being awarded to opponent)
  • Entry fee $20 each payable on first night please.
  • Any games not able to be played on the night need to have been played by the following Sunday with results sent through to tournament control.
  • Tournament will be held Wednesday 7 and 14 May, with final night THURSDAY 22 May.

Kia ora everyone, happy new year………….

Well from all the texts and emails I have been receiving in the last few days relating to all things squash, it is timely that I put together a bit of an update to let you all know what we have brewing on our squash calendar for the time being!!

If you have not done so already, please join us on Facebook ‘Gisborne HSOB Squash’ which is a closed page specifically for members as any updates including squash events, tournament times and notices are always posted on there.  General HSOB Sports club notices can also be found on the Facebook page ‘HSOB Sports’ which is an open page.

First up, well done to the crew who joined in with Rhythm and Vines check-ins during the 2013 festival which seems like ages ago.  It is always a big ask to give your time during this busy and hectic time of the year, so thanks guys and girls!!

Thank you also to the small crew who came in before Christmas to help with the clean up so our clubrooms were nice and refreshed for the R&V Security Crew who used the clubrooms for accommodation.  Much appreciated:-)

Awesome squash results and announcements over the summer months!

Most will know Ariata won the under 11 girls division of the Oceania Junior Squash Champs held at Palm Beach Squash Courts, on the Gold Coast, Australia during the school holidays.  She had fun mixing up a cool summer holiday with winning her first major international event!

Chapman and Parearau were also named and played in the NZ Junior Squash team against the Australian Junior Squash team in the trans-tasman clash which was held prior to the Oceania Junior Tournament.  Unfortunately the Aussies won 18-16 (I can hear you cheering now Rosey Gurl!!) but it did go down to the wire in both the 9-8 two-series test matches.

And finally, Kahn Grayson, Eliarn Destounis and Ariata Kutia have all been invited to join the Talent Development Centre for Wellington, Central and Eastern regions.  This squad is for junior players aged under 13 who have shown potential to do well as junior squash players.  Their first camp is scheduled for the weekend of 15-16 February in Palmerston North.

Upcoming dates

Saturday 15th February 9am

Club working bee – come along we want to really give our squash courts a good cleaning up before the season starts.  Bring your cleaning rags or pot scrubs, sugar soap, jif, spray and wipe and the willingness to use a bit of elbow grease on your patch of the squash courts……

Saturday 22nd February 6am – Sports Club garage sale

Clean out all your unwanted items and help the club raise some much needed funds.  Quality items which should be in a clean and saleable condition can be brought down to the clubrooms on the afternoon of Friday 21 February please.

Squash Coaches and Fitness trainers

Seeking all previous coaches and any intending coaches willing to be involved in coaching and fitness training at any level of squash during the year.  Would really love to have confirmation from you as we start to put together our programmes for 2014.  Junior coaching, Superchamps coaching, School coaching, Beginner, High Performance coaches, trainers – would really love to hear from you all urgently!!!

Junior Squash Monday afternoons

Please register your interest by email or facebook by Monday 10 February 2014 to join the Monday afternoon junior coaching sessions.  Junior Squash Mondays will start on Monday 24 February 2014.

HSOB Squash fee structures

Junior Graded (involved in Junior Coaching programme) $150

Junior Ungraded (involved in Junior Coaching programme) $140

Junior Graded (non-coaching) $120

Junior Ungraded (non-coaching) $100

Adult Graded and Ungraded $180

Monthly sub – Dec to Mar ($40 per month) Apr to Nov ($60 per month)

Masters (special conditions apply) $100

Keys –Your first set of keys will cost $30 however if these are lost and you require a replacement, they will cost $50.  Please ensure you keep your keys safe.

Invoices for the coming season will be distributed in the upcoming weeks.  Please ensure these are paid by 30 April 2014.  Special arrangements will be catered for on request.

Exciting new initiatives

Coming Soon – SquashFit Challenge – 12 weeks!!

Starts 3 March 2014 - $200

Non-HSOB Squash members $250

A programme targeting individual squash skill, game and fitness improvement!!

Numbers limited!!  Please register by 21 Feb.

All levels welcome.

Squash court future developments

We would like to form a working party to consider the future developments of our squash court complex and your ideas and views would be greatly appreciated.  This is an invitation to anyone who might like to join a group of energetic, forward thinking, resourceful people with ideas and enthusiasm!!  Another court or courts, ventilation improvements are just a couple of the ideas that have been thrown around – so if you want to be involved in this sort of discussion, that looks at the future sustainability of our squash courts and squash club, let me know and we will take it from there!!

New combined squash grading list

Most of you might know about the combined squash grading list which now sees men and women on the same grading list.  Early days and I am unsure how this is going to work, but do check it out.


Sorry if I have not sent you your username and password, please remind me if you are still waiting for this detail.

Contact details
As a part of your membership with HSOB Squash, we do make your phone number available to other squash members so as they may contact you for squash games or to reschedule game times when playing in tournaments etc.  I will also outline your player grading or level should players want to know what level of player you might be.  I am about to update the shabby one down at the clubrooms.  If you completely OBJECT to having your phone number displayed.  Please let me know by 10 February.

Important dates to remember:

15 Feb - Club working bee – 9am

22 Feb – Club garage sale – 6am any unwanted goods or yummy baking warmly welcomed

24 Feb – Junior Squash starts – register by 10 Feb

3 March – Squash Fit 12 Week Challenge – register by 21 Feb

Upcoming Tournaments

2, 9, 16 April Opening Teams Event  - register by 28 March

7, 14, 21 May Village Butchery  - register by 2 May

30 May – 1 June Queens Birthday Open  - register by 23 May

coming up at HSOB Squash soon.....

HSOB and Hika Junior Tournament
E grade and below tentative date
27 and 28 July

Secondary Schools Squash Tournament - term 3 - Wednesdays July 31st, 7 August, 14 August

Winter Interclub Thursday  17, 24, July and 1 August

Fundraising tournament (if we have teams going to Superchamps)
9 Aug 2013

Club Champs 12 - 14 Sept 2013

Closing Teams tournament
16, 23, 30 October


Hey everyone, happy new year!!!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer, and an enjoyable time with those you enjoy being with.  It has certainly been a very hot hot summer, what more could you ask for really!!

I was quite shocked but nicely surprised to see quite a few people still playing squash.  Obviously one of the quickest ways to get a full on major sweat up in a short duration of time is to be down on the squash courts at the height of an awesome Gizzy summer!!!

Anyway, thought I would share with you a few haps should some of you be starting to think about getting back on the courts and perhaps you are wondering when things are starting up anyway???

For those who have been down at the courts, you will be familiar with the monitor and keyboard that has been put in place thanks to Scotty and Jim Trowell.  Hoping to have a few teething problems sorted out in the next week or two which should see us start to be able to use the online booking system.

Basically, it will make our current booking system obsolete (although) it does come in handy when good old technology plays up lol!  You will ask what this means for you???

All FINANCIAL members have a username and password.  For those with gradings, this is the login and password you use to check up on your grading points etc.  In order for you to book your games, you will need to know your username details.  If you don’t already know, please contact me to obtain your Username.  You will then need to login and basically have your password reset.  I suggest you start obtaining these from me now rather than later.

Our financial year is 1 April to 31 March each year.  Hopefully you are all renewing your memberships to give you another squash season, whether social or competitive.

Subs will remain as they were for 2012:

Adult Memberships:
Adult graded $160
Adult ungraded $135
Adult Off peak  $60 (can not play between the peak hours 11am – 2.00pm and 3.30pm – 7.00pm)

Junior Memberships:
Grading and Coaching  $150
Grading/no Coaching $80
No Grading No Coaching $100
No Grading No Coaching $70
Coaching only $80 per term

Special Membership:
Masters $80
Summer Sub Oct-Mar $60

Keys $30
Junior Coaching only $80 per term

Grading List Only for squash members of non-affiliated squash clubs
$80 (if not playing in any HSOB representative teams ie Superchamps)
$160 (if playing in any HSOB representative teams ie Superchamps)

Family discount available if three or more family members (living in the same house) are playing.

Please also remember that the people you are playing need to be members too.

These subs are ultra cheap, and equate to $3.07 a week maximum!!!  You can fit in more than 5 games of squash in a week so there is real value for money and with 24/7 access with a key, what more could you ask for!!

In 2012, we had close to 50 junior members taking part in our junior squash coaching programme held during the school terms, this cannot happen without the assistance of our awesome volunteer coaches.

I am seeking the support of coaches again for 2013 and would be grateful if you can let me know if you can spare an hour or two each week to help us teach the basic squash fundamentals to our kids.  You need not be a top graded player to be a coach, so do let me know if you are interested please.

I would also like an indication from you as to who is returning so as I can put together the coaching groups and session times.

Subject to coach availability, am looking at Junior squash kicking off the week of 11 March.

Have drafted a few dates for you all to keep in mind!!

Given the success of running our teams tournaments during the week days, we will continue with that practice, apart from the Open at Queen’s Birthday and our Club Champs.

At this stage, take note of these events:

Opening Teams tournament
Wednesday 3rd, 10th and 17th April

Village Butchery Tournament
Wednesday 8th, 15th, 22nd May

HSOB Squash Queens Birthday tournament
31 May – 2 June 2013

Mid Winter teams tournament
Wednesday 19th, 26th June and 3rd July

Wednesday 31 July, 7th, 14th, 21st August

HSOB Club Champs
13th and 14th September

Closing Teams & Squash prizegiving
Wednesday 16th, 23rd October and 2 November (a Saturday)

Would like to have people put their hands up with the co-ordination of these events this year please.  It’s not a major task and just means we can share the workload around.  We especially welcome those who may not be playing much squash these days but who are very familiar with knowing how to keep things on time and how to rark players up that default or are playing up on the court lol!!!  Please signal to me that you might be interestedJ

Tuesday 5 March

Fun open evening, for all returning members and any new members – ALL WELCOME!!!  Courts will be available at no cost from 5pm – 7pm  Give me your names so I can put you in a team.  Fun squash!!    Would then like you all to stay on to listen in to what Squash NZ staff have to tell us.......

As part of their national roadshow, we are hosting Squash NZ staff on Tuesday 5 March a 7pm, they are coming to tell us what we can expect from them in return for the affiliation fees we pay them each year.  Affiliation fees are quite a big chunk of the subs you pay to play squash with us so I would like to see as  many of us as possible there to host them for that time.

These started back in November so those who have been putting in the work in the offseason should likely see some good results with their squash this season.

Sunday mornings continue, and as a little bit of a goal or a challenge for you all, I would like you to all consider doing the upcoming Tu Marae duathlon on Sunday 3 March at Patutahi.  Tu Marae is a duathlon (run/bike/run) which is co-ordinated by Turanga Health.  Turanga Health are major sponsors of HSOB Squash.  This event is an ideal build up for us and our fitness and wellbeing so in support of Turanga Health, I would like us to consider taking part in this event.  The distances are very achievable and most importantly, heaps of fun in a non-threatening environment.  You can do this as an individual or a team.  Check out the Turanga Health facebook page for the finer details of this event.

If you don’t feel you want to participate, let me know if you might be free to volunteer your time as a volunteer marshall, I am sure Tama or Reweti could do with some helpers for the day.

Don’t forget you can always refer people to our website www.sportsground.co.nz/hsobsquash for these updates and any other general information.

Please get in touch with me to confirm:
  • Your username details for Online booking system
  • That you want to be a part of the Junior Squash Coaching programme
  • That you can be available to help with Junior coaching
  • That you are able to help in the co-ordination of our tournaments and events this year
  • That you would like to take part in the Open Afternoon Fun tournament Tuesday 5 March 5pm-7pm and stay on to host Squash NZ from 7pm
  • That you are keen to take part in Tu Marae either as a participant or marshall

You have received this email as a current, or past member/supporter of HSOB Squash.  If you no longer wish to receive any emails from me or you are not renewing your membership, please respond by typing UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject lineJ

Another busy year ahead – really looking forward to hearing from you all!!!!


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