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Athletics Invercargill Clubrooms
37-39 Surrey Park Road
Surrey Park

Postal - PO Box 124
Invercargill 9840
  , Club President


Welcome to our club's website

Athletics Invercargill (formerly Invercargill Harrier and Amateur Athletic Club) is the oldest club in Southland with its roots being traced back to the first club formed in 1884.

The harrier’s part of the club was formed at a public meeting in March 1902 then ten years later in 1912 the amateur athletics’ part of the club came into being. This was the year that Southland hosted and won the NZAAA track and field championship at Rugby Park grounds, Elles Road, beating Canterbury, Auckland, Wellington and Otago.

The lengthy list of our senior, junior, and masters New Zealand champions, topped by World Champion DEREK TURNBULL (holder of numerous world records) and New Zealand Olympic, Commonwealth, and three times World Cross Country representative, Marathoner JOHN CAMPBELL, shows the depth and commitment of our club members over the years to achieve at the highest level.

The club’s philosophy in the beginning was to provide a healthy recreational environment for as many as possible and this continues to be our main aim today.

At the moment the club is a small friendly group of athletes of various ages and abilities, and many of us use the training times to meet with friends, have a catch up and as well as get in a little exercise.

Others are more serious and the training sessions are a way of getting fit and ready for that next big event. Which ever category you fit into there is always someone available to show you the ropes.

Club members compete in a lot of the same events throughout the year so there is always someone to catch a lift with and to share the experience.

Club President
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