First training phase completed. Check out our short video on the NZ Herald's She's Got Game by following the link below. It shows a little of where we have been training and what's next on the road to the Rio 2016 Olympics... read more
Itís been just over two weeks since arriving in Italy. Staying in Bonate, Bergamo - great weather here and local to breathtaking climbs (in many ways!). Rode up to snow yesterday Ė knew it was a good climb when I saw cyclists... read more
From the Commonwealth Games to a Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Academy in the Kunyu Mountains near Yantai, China! I have never done Martial Arts (Kung Fu) before but pursuing cross-training of a special kind! I have a few... read more
Fitness Journal released last week. You can also read read this issue online at Click Here. I caught up with Lisa Potter before leaving NZ for the Commonwealth Games. It's a privilege to feature amongst the interesting reads... read more
Check out our 2014 Track Cycling Nationals video! Featuring myself and Steph Mackenzie. Thanks to Daniel Franks for putting this together! Watch Video THE WORLD CLASS WAIKATO CHALLENGE: Steph and I are part of the WCW Next... read more
New Zealand selectors have leaned on their most recent successes in naming a 14-strong track cycling group to compete at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Twelve of the squad are men, comprising five sprint specialists and seven... read more
Our apartment was on level seven of the NZ team tower in the Village. There were five apartments on our floor, and seven of us shared our apartment. We had a small lounge with live streaming channels from the different... read more
Itís a great honour to represent your country and I think Iíve developed more of an understanding of this on returning home from London. Itís unlike any other eventÖ being among the best athletes across the sporting codes... read more
Sunflower fields, ancient buildings, French bakeries and vineyard estates! These are sights we are lucky to get a glimpse of from the seat of our road bikes, but while we are here it’s all about indulging in time on the... read more
Under a month till race day! We’ve been following the American Olympic trials and the Tour of France coverage on TV. Olympic adverts are increasing in frequency. Sometimes I catch my mind wandering off thinking about... read more
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