Team pursuit cyclist Jaime Nielsen has also made a significant switch, moving from rowing in 2009. Now 26, Nielsen travelled as a reserve with the rowing team in 2007, filling a spot in the eight to cover an injury at a World Cup... read more
A four year progression... From the Stuff Website: It wasn't so long ago that Jaime Nielsen was toppling off her bike at traffic lights. Pedals and toe clips were foreign objects for Nielsen as recently as the 2008 Olympics... read more
TVNZ News and Video about our training camp in the US. Jack Tame came out to interview us all (June 26th 2012): "It was 34C and the humidity made the air pungent and sticky. The New Zealand women's track cycling team sat in a... read more
Waikato's Jaime Nielsen won the bragging rights over her Olympic teammates on the first day of the national club cycling road race championships today. Nielsen gave Te Awamutu Sports its only victory of the day as nearly 600... read more
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