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Keep watch on this space for progress and new developments on NZKA's aim and commitment to establishing a Professional structure and format for the Sport of Kilikiti.  Professional Kilikiti will benefit our P.I. youth and will create jobs and career opportunities generating positive economic impact on the PI communities. An invitation is open to any Investor / Sponsor(s) seeking an involvement and association with the sport of kilikiti, a family orientated sporting product with great potential for global expansion.
New Zealand Kilikiti Association Inc
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New Zealand Kilikiti Association Incorporated was set up in 1998 to promote, market and establish the game of kilikiti as a recognised sporting code in New Zealand.

In 2002 SPARC approved National Sporting Organisation(NSO) status for NZ Kilikiti Association Inc. this significance secured automatic recognition for the game of Kilikiti as a bona fide sporting code.

Kilikiti so much part of the fabric and DNA of the Polynesian culture and identity that organising and hosting an annual event to establish the Auckland region as the centre and home of Kilikiti (similar to Hong Kong being Rugby Seven's capital) would gain great interest and  traction around the world.

There are many hundreds of PI youths who prefer playing and being involved in the game of Kilikiti throughout NZ; as well as  many more thousands around the world.

These are highly skilled and talented athletes that are passionate in the game of kilikiti; and prefer not to participate in the main stream professional sports that are currently played in NZ as well as other sports around the world.

Professional kilikiti would offer a career path option and would be a popular choice for these many Polynesian youths.

Professionalism for kilikiti would become established with the current ethnicity and Polynesian makeup being the majority numbers.

Ultimately, however, like all over facets of normal life the professional level of kilikiti  would be played by the most skilled and talented;  and be administered by the most competent and capable people regardless of race or ethnicity.

The challenge for NZKA is to attract Investors, Sponsors and Television Broadcasting to the potential and enormous marketability of the sport of kilikiti.

Kilikiti is simply put "made" for Television!!

Games are a maximum 70 minutes of non stop, colourful, vibrant excitement, many  games laced with great drama; with the main characters - highly skilled international level athletes!

With financial input and investment, the opportunities for kilikiti will be fully developed with the eventual benefits flowing throughout the sport to all involved.

  • NZKA's Kilikiti rules have been designed and formulated (1998) with a entertainment driven concept, a key element in the basic format of the rules which have enhanced the excitement, and spectacle in the way the game of kilikiti is now played at Tournaments organised by NZKA!
  • The 2012 IPL cricket series had a total of 731 sixes hit over 76 games; an average of 9.6 sixes per match over 3 hours.
  • As a comparison a NZKA kilikiti match will average 17 sixes per match or 34 sixes over equivalent time of 3 hours!
  • The scoring of 6’s is a key element in the excitement and entertainment factor for Kilikiti

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