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Kupa International Martial Arts

Voted Outstanding Martial Arts School 2005,2006,2008 and 2009 by EFC USA  for awesome service to Students and Public in New Zealand. 8 year old to 12 year old Kickboxing classes have started if you are interested Please Ring 06 8710152.
Kupa International Martial Arts
1st Floor 105 Pakowhai Road.Above The Mill.
Stortford Lodge
Tom Kupa, Chief Instructor
06 8710152, 0221505196


Welcome to Kupa International Martial Arts Site.

Shihan Tom Kupa and Sensei Olivia Kupa have had 55 years combined experience in  Martial Arts. Tom was inducted into the New Zealand Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2009, he was also nominated for the Australasian Martial arts Hall of Fame.

Our Martial Arts Family has members as young as 3 and as young as 50+. We are family based with a firm base of positive affirmation as apposed to negative affirmation.

                    Little Warriors
This Program is Great for ages 3 to 7 they are taught basic blocks , kicks , punches  ,coordination, breakfalls , voice defense and much more.
The surroundings are warm and inviting with the classes exciting with lots of enthusiasm.

This program is for years 8 to 10 this includes a syllabus that is age specific like the previous program. Students in this program strive to become Dragon Black Belts.

        Traditional Kyokushin Karate Classes.

This program is offered to all other ages wishing to learn Self Defense, the Principles of karate, non-contact fighting, kata, knock down karate, basic stand up Grappling, basic weaponry training, non contact conflict resolution through voice.

We provide Adult only classes for the parents. We can also mix the classes should the need arise.

We have lunchtime classes Tuesday  12.30pm to 1.15pm- and Friday 10am to 10.45am.

        Kickboxing for Teens and Adults

Monday and Wednesday night classes are the learner classes- 7pm to 7.45pm.

Learn at your own pace with everyone else. All viewing welcome appointment required should you wish to train.

        8 to 12 Year  Kids- Kickboxing.

Our Latest program to cope with the growing need for Kid's to do Kickboxing in a safe, Friendly and Hospitable Enviroment. The classes are Mondays and Wednesdays 5pm to 5.45pm.

All the normal basic's with Belts as incentives please look at the link in this site.
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