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What is Kimura Shukokai Karate?

Shihans Thompson, Daniels, Bressaw, Marinus & Sensei Jonathan Germany 2000
The literal meaning of the two Japanese characters which make up the word “Karate” is “Empty Hand”.  Modern karate as we know it originated in Okinawa, then spread to Japan and is now practiced world wide.

There are four major styles of karate in the world: Shito-ryu, Goju-ryu, Wado-ryu, & Shotokan. Kimura Shukokai falls within Shito-ryu.

Karate training can be divided into four main disciplines:

Kihon (basics)
Kumite (sparring)
Kata (Form)
Tournament karate (kumite & Kata)

As a competitive sport karate has a relatively short history though in recent times great strides have been made to improve, develop and foster the sporting aspect. KSI New Zealand members compete in All Style Karate events under the umbrella of Karate New Zealand, and also participate in Kimura Shukokai International events with members having participated in the KSI World Tournaments in Finland 2006, Switzerland 2008, Atlantic City, USA in 2012, and most recently Sun City, South Africa in July 2014
Senior Dan grades have attended the KSI World Chief Instructors Gashuku in the USA.
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