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Marching Auckland
Lorraine Herbert, President


Marching Auckland
Since 1948 Marching Auckland has been the local sports organisation for the administration and development of Marching activities in the Auckland area.

Marching for sport, leisure and recreation is an activity with embryonic beginnings in
New Zealand.

Marching in New Zealand is an amateur sport that offers participants a strong sense of team spirit and self-discipline.

It heightens powers of concentration and physical fitness, encourages good deportment, pride in grooming and personal achievement and offers musical enjoyment, life long friendships and opportunities of travel.
We welcome new members, Judges, Officials, Volunteers, Supporters and Marchers to our sport.
Please contact us if you are interested in giving Marching ago.

Teams include:
Royal Guards: Open Free Choice Team
(4-12 Years)

​Royal Guards: Under 12 Team (8-12 Years)

Counties Pearls Under 12 (7-12 Years)

Westlake Under 16 (12-16 Years)

Royal Guards Seniors (15 Years+)

Imperial Guards Masters (30 Years+)

Marching Auckland are currently recruiting members for the Association.

If you are thinking about Marching as a new sport to try out, contact Team Coaches on Team Coaches Page.

If you would like to volunteer for one of the roles, contact us at auckland@marching.co.nz
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