Customise your site

Background skin

To add or change your background skin, click on the 'Advanced' button that appears towards the top right of your screen (beside the 'VIEW' magnifying glass icon). Then click the option Background skins.

You can choose a background colour or skin from the list provided, or you can upload your own image to display as the background for your website by clicking on the Upload a background button and selecting your own background or logo from your computer.

NB. Background skins are only be visible on screens that are 1024 pixels wide or greater. If you cannot see the background, it is possible you are viewing your website on an old computer screen or your screen display settings are set to low resolution (1024 pixels wide). You can view/modify your computer display settings via the 'Display' item in your computer Control Panel and select the 'Settings' tab. Most modern computer displays are higher resolution than 1024 pixels anyway, so most people WILL be able to see your background skin, even if you can't.