Customise your site

Text format

The text boxes on a page support advanced text editing features such as inserting links to documents and other pages as well as formatting text (font size, colour, bold, italics, underline).

When you’re updating your website and you click into a text area, the text toolbar will appear across the top of your screen. Highlight the text you wish to format, then use the buttons on the toolbar to format the text colour or to make it display bold, in italics, or underlined,

You can also set the alignment of your text by highlighting it and clicking the toolbar button to make it align to the left, or centre, or the right.
You can set bullet points against a list of items by highlighting the list and clicking the bullet point button from the toolbar.

Tip: you can use standard Windows shortcut keys to format text. For example, select some text by highlighting it, then press Ctrl and B to make the text bold, press Ctrl and U to underline the text or press Ctrl and I to make the text italics.

Note: The scrolling text box on the home page does not support the advanced text editing features. Instead, you can format text using standard HTML tags.

Text colour

Change the colour of your text by highlighting it to select it, then click the colour palette button from the toolbar. You can select one of the standard colours, or click the ‘More colours’ link to see more colours. This screen also lets you enter the hexadecimal code for a specific colour if known. To see a list of hexadecimal colour codes Click Here

Text size

You can change the size of your text font. Select the text by highlighting it, then choose a font size from the toolbar.

Creating a web link

To learn how to create links from within your text Click Here