Customise your site

Customise your header

The header that's displayed across the top of your website makes a big difference to the look of your site.

It's easy to have a more customised looking website with a header that runs the full width of your site. You can select a header from over 100 designs in the header library, or get creative and design your own.

To view the header library, when you are next editing your site, simply click the 'customise header' link that is visible towards the top of your site. Hover your mouse over any of the headers shown to see how it will look on your site. Note that some of the headers are designed to fit seamlessly with some of the background skin designs. To learn more about displaying a background skin on your site CLICK HERE

Note that your name is automatically displayed with whichever header you choose from the library. You can change this name by editing the text under the image position on your Home page.

If you would prefer to create your own custom header instead of choosing one from the library, you can use a free program like MS Paint (which comes already installed on every Windows PC - find it by clicking Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint  ) or you can get a more professional look by borrowing the skills of a graphic designer or using Photoshop (or the free program Paint.Net CLICK HERE to download).

One clever idea is to use a photo of your business, products or staff. Note that images are automatically resized to be 1003 pixels wide and a maximum of 330 pixels high.