Tips & tricks

Google and other search engines

Google and other search engines have automated processes that constantly crawl the internet to find new and changed websites to include in their search results. It may take a number of weeks before your site is found. It is generally agreed that one of the most important things you can do to improve your rankings with Google and other search engines is to list your web address on other people's websites. This is because Google uses a 'trust' system that improves the ranking of your site based upon the number of other sites that have links to your site. We recommend you take some time to get your site listed in as many online directories and other websites as possible. Note that you can submit your web address (URL) to Google to try to accelerate it being found by a Google search but this may not improve its ranking. To do this CLICK HERE

You can also add a Meta Description and Meta Keywords to your website, through the Site Options button near the View icon when you are editing your site. The Meta Description is a short summary that will be displayed in Google search results for your site.

The Meta Keywords are words that best describe your site and are used by some search engines to categorise your site. Each keyword must be separated by a comma and a space (Eg. "hockey, seniors, Auckland").