Tips & tricks

Email out your News page

A page exists on your website just for your news. This News page allows you to add news articles along with a picture.

Your news articles are stacked down your News page in whichever order you like. When people visit your website, they can click on a news item to view the fuller article and a larger image.

You can now email your News page as a group email e-newsletter with just one click. Once you've added some news articles, you'll notice an icon called 'Email News' as circled in red here >>>>

Click on this icon and you're ready to email out your News page as an email newsletter, including all images and links automatically linked back to your website. You can click the PREVIEW button if you want to see what your e-newsletter looks like. When you're happy with it, tick the groups you want to receive it and click the SEND button. It's that easy.

For a PDF version of these instructions including screen shots, please Click Here