Tips & tricks

Display an external website into your own site

It's easy to display draws, results, news and other content from an external website within your own Sportsground site.

Simply browse to the web page you want to display and copy the address shown in its address bar (highlight the address bar text, then right-click and select 'Copy') and then click the 'More options' button on one of your Sportsground custom pages and paste the address into the input box provided.

CLICK HERE for step by step instructions.

Display a grid or table

This is useful when you wish to display tables, grids, or columns of data that line up down your page. You can easily set the font, format, text size, colour of the text, background colour and alignment of your tables.

To display a table in your website, simply update a spreadsheet using Google Docs. This method has the added benefit of allowing you to give coaches, teachers and other people access to update a spreadsheet table through Google Docs, without you needing to provide full access for them to edit your website.

For easy instructions to display and update a table in your website, CLICK HERE

For an example of a table that is updated automatically through Google Docs, see the next tab - CLICK HERE