Photo printing

Photo printing

Allow photos on your website to be printed as prints, greeting cards, mugs canvases, or photo blocks. Now a family member or supporter can order a high quality print with the click of their mouse.

This fantastic service called was developed by the team at Marketground.

Marketground hosts thousands of photo galleries on the web for businesses, markets, sports organisations, clubs and schools, some of which asked to be able to print copies of the great photos they’ve uploaded. We thought ‘great idea’ and developed Photosnap.

Photosnap makes it easy to print the photos displayed on your website as high quality photographs and photo gifts such as canvas art, mugs, greeting cards, and photo blocks. Orders are printed in New Zealand and delivered within 5 - 7 business days.

To set the photo printing preferences for your site, click on the ADVANCED button when you are editing your site and select the Photo Printing Preferences menu item. This lets you set the default setting for whether photos uploaded to your site can be printed through You can also set printing settings on each individual photo if you wish. You can change these settings later at any time.

Note: photos can only be printed if they are uploaded in high resolution (large file size).