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CONGRATULATIONS!!!  CAMERON SEAR;  IMOGEN EAR; D'ARTAGNAN GOULD: SHANE TREGIDGA: TEUARANGI TANA: KINGITEAHUAHU TANA for being selected into the NZ Oceania Team 2016 to compete in New Caledonia. More to come on the team.
Miyagi Kan IKO Karate Do Goju Ryu
Dojo Address: 79 Walton Street

Mail Address: P.O.Box 931
Whangarei Central
Whangarei 0140
Craig  Nordstrand


The Miyagi Kan Karate Club was founded in New Zealand in February 1996.
Currently the club operates out of 79 Walton Street Whangarei, and also has another club in Dargaville.

What you gain from learning Karate is:

Confidence & Strength,
Loads of fun,
Better Health and Fitness,
Co-ordination & flexibility,
Self-Defence & Discipline.

We cater for all ages with classes available to anyone six days a week, in Whangarei and two days a week at Dargaville.

Check Club locations & training times tab above for details.

The club is based on full  traditional Karate training. We are also introducing training with Hojo Undo implements, such as Chi Ishi, Ishi Sashi, Nigiri Game, Kongoken, Tan. See site with these training implements in action.Click Here

We also specialise in Sport karate, in both disciplines of  Kata and Kumite.

For any further information Phone 0212233644 or click on Contacts tab above for further contact details.

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