WELCOME to Netball Waitakere....  recognised as providing a quality sporting, recreation, and business hub for the wider community
Netball Waitakere
PO Box 104-160
Lincoln North
Waitakere 0654

31-35 Te Pai Place
Lincoln Rd
Waitakere 0654
Contact us 
09 838 6856


WELCOME to Netball Waitakere

The netball centre for the West and Greater Auckland area. Situated in Te Pai Place, Henderson we are proud to be operating since mid-2010 from our wonderful new indoor, outdoor and venue facilities.

Grading Draws
click here for WASSC Week 2 (Tues)
click here for Int Yr 7&8 Schools Week 2 (Wed)

click here for WASSC Yr 9&10 Week 2 (Sat)

click here for Yr 7&8 Club Week 2 (Sat)
click here for Yr 6 Week 2 (Sat)
click here for Yr 5 Week 2 (Sat)

Junior Draws
click here for Junior Yr 4 Grading Week 1 (Thurs)
click here for Junior Yr 3 draw for 3 weeks  (Thurs)
click here for Junior Yr1-2 draw for 5 weeks (Thurs)

Senior & Open College go to "SportsRunner DRAWS & RESULTS" top right on our home page.

The Centre now has a Physiotherapy clinic on site, provided by o2forlife.com  Please phone (09)320 1142 for an appointment.

Monday Night Social League - registrations open on Registrations 2015/page 2
click here for further information. Starting date has changed to 11-May.

Winter League
Please refer to the Winter League tab for the Winter Pack and information for the 2015 season.
click here for Senior, Open College, WASSC competition dates
click here for Intermediate & Junior dates

SPARK WAITAKERE - Netball Waitakere Representative Tournament Sun 17-May
click here to go to the information.

Umpire Centre Theory Class - registrations open
click here to go to the Umpires page.  A new Centre Theory Class starts Wed 25-March follow ed by a Zone Theory Class, starting 6-April.

CLUBS/SCHOOLS  please refer to Our Clubs page for information that they wish to share with the netball community.  2015 trials and dates (as supplied from Clubs) can also be found on this page.


Strategic Plan Overview Event, Wed 15-April at 6.30pm.  Click here to go to the link and documents.

Feb-2015: Please click here for the lastest communication from the Board.