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Next Event... 31st May Borlase Forest Laid Back Trail Ride
Nelson Motor Cycle Club
PO Box 93
Nelson 7040
Craig  Mills, Vice President


NMCC event phone: 027 297 7624 This is a recorded message only. Text's will be answered as soon as possible but calls will not be answered.

Email: nmcc1908@gmail.com

If you want current updates on events
Please text "Event" and "Your name" to 027 2977624 to add your name to the event notification text service for the NMCC

To get emails of the latest Events Calendar  and News hit the 'Email me notices Free' link in the grey bar below and type in your email address.

Website last updated:  16 May

Website Editor:
For updates/comments
Peter Wilks: ppwilks@xtra.co.nz or 0275-832244
Next Event:

31 May Borlase Forest Laidback Trail ride
This is the family friendly track that gives you everything from the 2 teaspoon lap for minis, the junior shortcut for when you get tired around the 25km main loop, plus A, AA and AAA challenges, particularly for a laugh!
Entry $40 with Family
entry fee capped at 2 riders. $10 discount with 2016 Club Card. Memberships taken at event
Click Here
Map: Click Here
Organiser J Pope 027 439 1740 7-9pm.

Club Treasurer replacement
Delwyn has been doing a superb job as our Treasurer over the last few years, but is now resigning. So we are in need of a new treasurer, come along to the committee meetings and see what goes on. The role would begin from the next AGM (24th June) with training provided. For more information contact the Club President Heath Botica - 027 4888603, or Vice President Craig Mills - 021917340

31 March: Club membership renewal
The 2015 Memberships have now expired and reminders emailed to current members so please renewed your membership to 31 March 2016 now. Check out the Membership page for more details

2015 NZ Battle of the Clubs - Taupo
The Battle of the Clubs is almost here! This iconic event is held in Taupo on the 26th June and the NMCC committee is looking for expressions of interest for a Nelson Motorcycle Club team to put forward and send to Taupo. We need one rider per class for the following:
- Junior 85cc
- Junior 125cc
- Junior 250cc 4 Stroke
- MX1
- MX2
- Vets (40+)

Teams also need to supply a flag marshal, so if you would like to be a flag marshal please also let us know. Applications should contain why you should be selected to represent the club, 2015 achievements, a general overview of yourself and anything else you think you would need to put. Please email these to
Riders selection will also be based at results from either Peter Brown Memorial MX in Marlborough or Wellington Champs.

AFM Forest Access Permits update :
There is now not a lot of fire danger in our local forest riding areas so have your permit tag and fire extinguisher on hand and go have some fun! Check your spark arrestor and keep headers clear of dry matter when trail riding.

Current closed riding areas:
Hira Forest Packers Creek Rifle Range
Live Firing Training for NZ Police in May.
Wairoa areas currently closed for logging operations.

Please stay out of posted and adjoining areas during other user events to ensure continued access to AFM Forests

The Club has an agreement with Action Forest Management for NMCC members to get forest riding access at half the cost of non-members - $60 for 12 months!

Includes Hira, Moutere North, and parts of the Wairoa forests.
Junior riders can now get a permit tag as well so the family can go out together.

The 'AFM Access Permits" tab of the site has all the details and Permit Packs can be picked up where you get your bike checked out.
All riders must have a bike check.
Call Secretary Jannine to get your Permit Tag

Picture Galleries...
Jannine Pope: Click Here

Recent events:

TT Series 2015
Top effort to Scott Dixon who fninshed 2nd in the 14-16yrs 250cc class, and also won the Junior 125/250 Feature Race.

NZ Cross-Country Nationals 2015
The fourth and final round of the NZ Cross-Country Nationals were held on Sunday 17th May at Waitawhiti Station and some of our club members finished the series with some good results. Well done to Ethan Bruce who won the 2-Stroke Overs and was 5th overall in the seniors. Jackson Walker finished 3rd in the Junior overall and 3rd in the 12-16yrs 2-Stroke class and Keegan Anglesey was 6th. Del Puklowski finished 2nd in the Womans class. Awesome work!

2015 Enduro Nationals
The series is done for another year, well done to our club members on their results! Shane McGowan was 7th in the Expert 0-300 4-Stroke Class, Kim Davies 16th in the Expert Vets and Peter Angelesy 19th. Colin Campbell was 7th in the Intermediate 2-Stroke Unders, Patrick Dillon 7th in the Intermediate 2-Stroke Overs. In the Junior 15-16yrs Keegan Anglesey was 3rd. Good work guys.

3rd May: South Island Cross-Country Series
Round 3 Clarence
Top effort to our club riders who raced! Ethan Bruce won the senior overall after 3 hours and also had the quickest lap time of 16 minutes and 42 seconds around a 20-ish km track! Jackson Walker won the Junior overall and had the quickest lap time of 14 minutes 56 seconds after 1.5 hours around a 17km track. Ethan also won the Senior 2-Stroke Overs and Ethan Helliwell was in 3rd. In the 2-Stroke Unders Del Puklowski was 1st. Josh Donald won the 4-Stroke Unders and Mat Quinn won the 4-Stroke Overs. Del was also first in the womans. In the juniors Jackson won the Junior 2-Stroke and Keegan Anglesey came in 2nd. Well done guys and good luck for the final round in June down in Southland.

3rd May: Top of the South Cross-Country Series
Round 2 Clarence

Well done our club riders who raced! Ethan Bruce took out the Senior overall, and Reece Walker took out the Junior overall. Ethan also won the 2 Stroke All-In Class, with Caleb Higgs in 2nd, Connor Easton 5th, Josh Bryson 6th, Troy Fensom 7th, Brad Richards 8th, Luke Steadman 9th, Ethan Helliwell 10th, Luke Le Billion 12th, Flynn Goldingham 13th, Nick Emms 14th and Del Puklowski 15th. Josh Donald won the 4 Stroke Unders, with Mike Fodie in 2nd, Tim Muntwyler 3rd, David Orr 4th, Sean Anderson 8th and Shane McGowan 9th. Josh Coleman won the 4 Stroke Overs and Ross Duncan was in 2nd, Mat Quinn 3rd, Nathan Doyle 4th, Lucas Bennett 12th and Matt Redwood 14th. Craig Wassell was 3rd in the Vets, Pete Anglesey 4th, Ashton Oliver 5th, Grant Walker 8th, Garreth Gabb 10th and Craig Easton 12th. Nigel Hunter was 2nd in the Senior Two Hour, Sean Henderson 3rd, Mike Harvery 4th, David Field 5th and Scott Steadman 6th. In the Junior Overs Reece Walker took out the field, with Jackson Walker in 2nd, Keegan Anglesey 3rd and Lennox Payne 6th. In the Junior Unders Bailey Aldridge was 1st and Reece McBride 3rd. In the Womans Macey Hunter was 2nd and Gabby Bruce 3rd. Top effort to everyone who rode!

Club members in action:
see Results tab for more on:

May-TT Series - Canterbury
May-NZ Cross-Country - Final
May-Peter Brown Memorial MX
May-Enduro Nationals
May-S.I Cross-Country - Round 3
May-TOTS Cross-Country - Round 2
May-S.I Enduro Series
April-NZ Junior MX Nationals
April-NZ Cross-Country Nationals - Round 3
April-TOTS Cross-Country - Round 1
April-S.I Cross-Country - Round 2
April-NZ Junior MX Nationals
March-NZ Cross-Country Nationals - Round 2
March-S.I Cross-Country - Round 1 Mosgiel
March-NZ MX Champs - Round 4 Harrisville
March-NZ MX Champs - Round 3 Rotorua
March-Enduro Lake Station
March-Kaihoka Lakes MX

Want to see what some of our top local riders are up to?
Hamish Harwood - Click Here
Ethan Bruce - Click Here

Kohatu Park Update:
The last open day planned had to be postponed and we will be joining them in the open day when it s rescheduled. The Park Supporters membership drive is on and for $20 you can help put a great motorsport facility onto the local map, so please support them, and make a submission to the Council Long Term Plans now out too!

Membership 2015-16:

We are now renewing club memberships for the 1 April-31 March 2016 calendar year.

To join up or renew on-line: See Membership Tab for the new subscriptions and form.
Current members have been emailed directly to update their information and subs can be paid online.

The 2014 AGM approved a small rise in subs to assist covering the cost of club insurances and GST.
2015-2016 Subscriptions:
$35 Individual Full Year
$70 Family Full Year
$15 First Time Individual
$30 First Time Family

Note: To claim the capped Family rate all members must reside at the same address.
Remember to bring your NMCC Club Card for $10 discount off the normal entry fee at NMCC Club events (excludes Fundraiser events).

MNZ  News
AGM Queenstown 22-24 May:

Del Morgan
The NMCC has nominated Del for life membership of MNZ, having been involved in the sport from competitor to organiser to club president to MNZ Steward to MNZ Commissioner and MNZ trainer, so he's never been far a job in dirt biking and we'd like to see him recognised for his hard work. We'd like your support and stories by email.

Paul Stewart from Palm Nth is seeking the President role at the AGM and seeks your support, with Del Morgan and Bob Cooke recommending him from our club, so please put forward your vote as a MNZ rider.
More information is on his flyer: Click Here

Helmet Cameras
MNZ were to announce their formal policy on the use of helmet mounted cameras before Christmas, due to impact injuries caused to riders (such as point-loading of camera mount to the skull) but it appears the FIM has not yet put forward their recommendations, so this will be discussed at hte AGM.
We have recently seen cameras mounted by bolts in the helmet DO NOT BE SO STUPID !

Committee Meetings:
Second Wednesday monthly at Club Waimea, 345 Lower Queen St Richmond - All members welcome. Next meeting:7pm Wed 13th May 2015
Skye Edwards giving the boys a run for their money in the National 125 class at Peter Brown Memorial MX (Photo - Lisa Edwards)
NEXT Committee Meeting Wed June 10 7pm - AGM Wed June 24 7.30pm
Ethan Bruce - NZ Cross-Country Nationals 1st in the 2-Stroke Overs and 5th overall in Seniors (Photo - Soho Photography)
Matt Redwood - Peter Brown Memorial MX 3rd MX1 (Photo - Michelle Walker)
Scott Dixon - 2015 TT Series 2nd 14-16yrs 250 & 1st Junior 125/250 Feature
Del Puklowski - NZ Cross-Country Nationals 2nd in the Womans class (Photo - Soho Photography)
Keegan Anglesey - NZ Cross-Country Nationals 6th in the 12-16yrs 2-Stroke class (Photo - Soho Photography)
Ethan Waters - Peter Brown Memorial MX 1st in the 15-16yrs 125cc class.
Ashton Oliver - Peter Brown Memorial MX 1st in the Vets class (Photo - Michelle Walker)