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NZ based Re-enactment:

Nationwide: Gathering Darkness - information on Medieval re-enactment all across NZ, including forthcoming events: Click Here

Tauranga: The Northern Horde of course! See homepage for where/when.  For photos of the Horde in action - Mikes are here: Click Here
And Errols here: Click Here

Taupo: Company of the Sable Hart Click Here

Palmerston North: Red Ravens Click Here

Taranaki: Wolfren TMS: Click Here

Info and traders:

King of Swords: Click Here  for all your fighting needs.  A
Great site for local re enactment clubs.

Thornforge in NZ: Click Here

Chantelle Gerrard costumes: Click Here

Blackforest Gourmet, German butcher if you are in Tauranga, these folks have some absolutely mouthwatering offerings - Click Here

Interesting historical information:

Castles - Medieval Siege Weapons
Provides very high quality information on medieval castles, medieval siege weapons, and castle warfare in general, including information on trebuchet designs, medieval shields, how to build a catapult and more.

Castles - Medieval Siege weapons & oh, so much more! Castles - Medieval Siege Weapons

How to forge Medieval swords: Click Here

Anvilfire - blacksmithing advice online: Click Here

Gambeson pattern: Click Here

Pavillion tent ideas: Click Here

12th  to 14th century Armour inspiration: Click Here

Medieval library online: Click Here

Greet's Middle Ages Materials sources and other useful places: Click Here

How to make a helmet liner (or an arming cap) Click Here

Costuming site : CLICK" target="_blank">CLICK" target="_blank">Click Here HERE HERE

Medieval kit advice - Click Here
Medieval Paviliion Resources: Click Here

Medieval soft kit (costuming) website - Click Here

Medieval laundry methods - Click Here

The occupation of chandler in the Middle Ages: Click Here

The Bayeux Tapestry: Click Here

Not Medieval - but very useful in the 21st century! : NZ Webs link directory: Click Here

A brilliant Chinese  traditional archery site - Click Here

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