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GAMES RECOMMENCE TUESDAY 2nd February ##########GAMES RECOMMENCE TUESDAY 2nd February ##########GAMES RECOMMENCE TUESDAY 2nd February ##########
Nunweek Park, Wooldridge Road
Shelly  Johnstone, Club Contact
03 359 8863, 027 315 1650
A few reminders:

0-2 Grade finishes for the season on the 1st of March and we will have their prizegiving on this night straight after their games down at the toilet block.
All players, coach and manager receive a certificate, sausage, drink and some lollies.

ALL other grades will have their finals on the 8th of March and all teams play reagrdless of where you are sitting on the points table.  We will also have prizegiving down at the toilet block staright after each round.
All players, coach and manager receive a sausage, drink and some lollies.
1st, 2nd & 3rd placed teams recieve medals.

Scorecards for all grades except 0-2 Grade are located at the toilet block, Competition Control (Harewood Road end of the park).
Please watch children while driving in the vicinity of the park as we have around 1500 children down there on a Tuesday night.

If you play at 6.40 could you please get the kids to collect the field cones off your field and bring back with the scorecard.
0-2, 3-4 Grades only are allowed the coach on the field and also the defending team cannot move forward until the attacking teams dummy half passes the ball. NOTE new field 17 behind 13.

All cancellations will be posted on our website and before school finishes and all teams will also be e-mailed.

We are trying to get the Council to build more toilets at Nunweek as there is definitely not enough for everyone! They are located at the Harewood Road of the Park.  We suggest everyone goes to the toilet before you come down.

Kind Regards

Shelly, Mel, Chad & Doug (-:

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