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HOY 2016

HOY UPDATE: The classes will be on the Polo Field starting at 2pm on 3rd March.
The entries are coming in from around NZ so it looks like it is going to be a great competition.

The qualification criteria for Horse of the Year 2016 is detailed below.  This page lists all those combinations who have currently qualified.

Qualifications for HOY - COMPULSORY
1 Champion Side Saddle placing
OR 1x Reserve Champion Side Saddle placing
OR 2x 1st placing in OPEN performance s/s classes.
However, if the 1st place-getter has already qualified then 2nd placings count, and if 1st and 2nd have already qualified, then 3rd placings count.
Juniors who wish to compete in a junior Side saddle section at HOY, must qualify by competing in side saddle classes during the season.

Additional Requirements:
Horse and rider combinations who have won side saddle classes at previous HOY, are exempt.  Turnout winners are not exempt.

NZSSA (2015-16) has now added that the horse/rider combination must compete side saddle at a minimum of 3 outings, to gain more mileage prior to HOY.

These competitive outings can be:-
1) RAS affiliated shows and the above compulsory qualifications apply.
2) NZSSA Championship Show (North Island / South Island).  The above compulsory qualifications apply.
3) ESNZ Dressage, Registered or Unregistered – 2 tests, Level 1 and above (Walk, Trot and Canter required) with scores of  60% and above.  (Plus compulsory qualifications).

4) ESNZ Show Jumping – side saddle allowed – to complete 2 courses.  (Plus compulsory qualifications).
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