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Hi to all, we are on holiday now playing winter sport. See you in August 2015 when registrations will take place.
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Papakura Junior Touch
Papakura Junior Touch is played at Bruce Pulman Park, on Tuesday evenings
Papakura Junior Touch , Coordinator
021 286 8288


A Great finals night at Papakura Junior Touch. Congratulations to all referees, coaches, managers, parents and supporters for making it all possible.

Lance, Fiona and the team @ Papakura Junior Touch
Wishing you all a safe and warm winter period and see you in August 2015.

Final results for 2014 summer season -
congratulations to all teams

1st Bears
2nd Clevedon Gems
3rd Addison Ponies
4th The Gardens School Emeralds

U9Boys Division 1
1st Epic Onez Blue
2nd The Gardens School Crusaders
3rd Southern Storm
4th Marlin Force
5th Epic Onez Orange
6th Papakura Eagles

U9Boys Division 2
1st Opaheke School
2nd Ardys Little Rippers
3rd Addison Broncos
4th Reremoana Hurricanes

U9Boys Division 3
1st Bears
2nd Clevedon Champs
3rd KLOSE 1
4th Clevedon Cruisers
5th Party Biz
6th The Gardens School Generals

U9Boys Division 4
1st Opaheke School
2nd Bears
3rd Everglade Cheetahs
4th Clevedon Jets

U11Boys Division 1
1st Addison Mustangs
2nd Supercity Gold
3rd Southern Storm
4th Epic Onez Orange
5th Herons

U11Boys Division 2
1st Sea Eagles
2nd Epic Onez White
3rd The Gardens School Gladiators
4th Conifer Grove Superstars
5th Ardmore Flyers
6th Reremoana Highlanders
U11Boys Division 3
1st Junior Bit Rusty
2nd Everglade Lions
3rd Addision Colts
4th Kamikaze Kids
5th Wasps

U11Girls Division 1
1st Reremoana Crusaders
2nd Addision Unicorns
3rd Addision Zeebels
4th Clevedon Cruisers

U11Girls Division 2
1st Reremona Chiefs
2nd The Gardens School Diamonds
3rd Opaheke School
4th Bears

U13Girls Division 1
1st Southern Storm
2nd Addison Pintos
3rd Reremoana Rebels
4th Clevedon Crushers

U13Girls Division 2
1st Bears
2nd Junior Bit Rusty
3rd Clevedon Cow Girls
4th The Gardens School Opals

U13Boys Division 1
1st Chiefs
2nd Southern Storm Blue
3rd Epic Onez
4th Southern Storm Green
5th Addison Kaimanawa

U13Boys Division 2
1st Ghosts
2nd Opaheke School
3rd Wasps
4th The Gardens School Titans

1st Southern Storm
2nd Heavy Breathaz
3rd AC Addision
4th Bears
5th Fast and Furious
6th Tuakau

1st Titans
2nd SRT
3rd Chiefs
4th Supercity Mixed
5th Southern Storm U13 Playing up
6th Addision Stallions
NZ/AusTrans Tasman Test Match

"Help us update our new honours board"
"If you are aware of any NZ representatives who have played their Touch at Papakura Junior Touch and are not on the Honours Board please email the coordinator"
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