Fundraising summary
Every site includes a 160x600 tower banner position that can be used for fundraising. This is visible on the right hand side of every club and school site, as well as on any sub-sites for teams or classrooms. Each tower banner position can accept messages or adverts from anyone who supports you. Supporters simply click on a banner position and create their message or advert right there and then, then pay online.

It's very affordable for people to place a message or advert:

Price (2 months) Tower Banner
Sports club / school website $95
Team / classroom website $50
Prices exclude GST (if applicable)

Plus, the more people spend, the more their message or advert is seen. If more than one person chooses the same banner position, their messages or adverts will rotate in proportion to the amount they paid. This method is fair and helps raise as many funds as possible.

Whenever someone places a message or advert on your site, you are e-mailed a link that lets you preview and accept it before it is displayed live. This ensures the content is and complies with the New Zealand Advertising Standards Association code of conduct. manages the collection of funds on your behalf. 64% of all funds raised are remitted online directly to your organisation's bank account. The balance is retained by Sportsground to contribute towards the cost of providing the websites and the fundraising service.

To help you succeed, we recommend you follow the steps in this Fundraising Guide.

Before you can start fundraising through your site, you need to enter the bank account you want funds paid into, and enter your GST number (if any). To do this, simply login to your site, click "Tell me more" in the tower banner position on the right and enter your details.

Alternatively, if you'd like a Fundraising Rep to contact you, please click contact me.