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Instructor Profile

First of all I would like to acknowledge our Taekwon-Do founder Gen Choi Hong Hi, He is the the beginning and his vision has no end.

I would like to give respect to all of my Instructors and all of their Instructors as they have laid a good foundation for me as an Instructor, for that humbly I bow before you.

To all of our Taekwon-Do brothers and sisters that have passed on, may you rest in peace knowing that your memory will be in the hearts of all students and within the teachings of all instructors.

I first started Taekwon-Do In Redwoodtown under the tuition of  Mr Nathan McKendrick in 1999 after a friend's <Mr Russell Stuart> constant promotion of Redwoodtown Taekwon-Do.< of which he was a 2nd gup at the time.>

After two years training and two new instructors for Redwoodtown< Mr Rex Stuart and Mr Shane Eade>
I moved to Nelson where I trained under Mrs Pam Colee.

I eventually earned my Black belt in 2004 and shortly after attained my goal to becoming an instructor and I opened Mauriora Taekwon-Do in Nelson. In August 2008  I retired from instructing in Nelson as I was then living in Blenheim and Mrs Pam Colee graciously came out of retirement to instruct the Mauriora club soon after to become Nelson Taekwon-Do.

I now instruct the Redwoodtown Taekwon-Do club after the late Mr Shane Eade passed on, leaving all shocked and unsure of our future for our Redwoodtown Taekwon-Do family. I was one of the Mr Eade's students who did not want to see Mr Eade's club lose it's luster so Mr Rex Stuart and myself offered to continue instructing Redwoodtown. I see myself not so much as an instructor but more as a Kaitiaki <guardian> for my Instructor, my close friend and an inspiring force... Mr Eade's legacy.CLICK HERE

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