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2011 Tai Tonga Regatta

Turi Hodges lead canoe for the 5km novice event. Evans Bay, Wellington Harbour 16.4.2011
Well we couldn't complain about the wind as there wasn't any.  Despite being overcast and showery at times the water was near flat for most of the day for the 100 or so paddlers that competed.

Special thank you to Kokiri Marae Keriana Olsen Trust Hauora - Mana Wahine for their support and sponsorship of awards for each event.  Congratulations also to Selena Katene for winning the Mana Wahine pamper basket.

Another thank you to Evans Bay Yacht Club for their support in providing boats and driver Roger for the day, without our motor boats it gets a little difficult to monitor and ensure safety of all paddlers whilst racing.

It was great to see such a big line up of Junior teams competing on the day, 6 in the 5km, 1 in the womens 10km and 1 team doing both the 5km and Mens 10km events.  Junior numbers are nearing the same as senior numbers which is very promising for our Hoe Tonga region.  Good to see 2 crews from Wanganui in the mix as well.

Well until next year everyone, stay active, have fun paddling, and see if you can introduce a new friend to the wonderful world of waka ama over the winter.....

From the Tai Tonga 41 Organising Committee

Race 1 – Men W1 10km
1- 54:34 Paddy Rimene Mana Pasifika
2- 54:54 Grant Barriball Mana Pasifika
3- 55:14 Turi Hodges Porirua Canoe Kayak Club
4- 55:25 George Faalogo Mana Pasifika
5- 55:32 Dave Ryder Mana Pasifika
6- 56:15 Laurence Hynd Porirua Canoe Kayak Club
7- 56:24 Piki Emery Mana Pasifika
8- 56:27 Willy Kapelly Kokiri Marae Tai Patu
9- 56:36 James Saddler Kokiri Marae Tai Patu
10- 56:43 Royce Gray Kokiri Marae Tai Patu

W2 Emma/Graeme Tunui a te ika

Race 2 – Women W6 10km
1- 50:48 Inano Porirua Canoe Kayak Club
2- 55:21 Kokiri Marae Tai Patu
3- 56:47 Onepoto Tai Tonga 41°
4- 57:03 Hawaiki Nui
5- 58:40 Just Do It Horouta

Race 3 – Open Men W6 5km
1- 20:51 Steamers Mana Pasifika
2- 21:11 Yard Dogs Aniuwaru
3- 21:38 Nga Waka Menz Nga Waka

Race 4 – Junior Men 5km
1- 20:54 Nohorua Toa
2- 21:25 Whitireia Toa
3- 22:08 Turama Porirua Canoe Kayak Club
4- 22:40 Licorise Allsorts Nga Waka

Race 5 – 5km Events
W1- Open Men- 21:16 Turi Hodges Porirua Canoe Kayak Club
W6- Junior Mixed- 21:29 Putiki Flyers Te Ringa Miti Tai Heke
W6- Open Mixed- 22:39 Tunui Wakanators Tunui a te ika
W6- Junior Women- 23:24 Mena’s Angels Porirua Canoe Kayak Club
W1- Master Women- 27:35 Angela Schofer Kokiri Marae Tai Patu
W1- Junior Women- 29:41 Keiline Porirua Canoe Kayak Club

Race 6 – W6 Men and Mixed 10km
1- Men 50:53 Brothers Left Behind Mana Pasifika/Toa
2- Men 51:34 Dirt & Surf Porirua Canoe Kayak Club
3- Men 51:43 Mana Menz Mana Pasifika
4- Men 53:53 Kokiri Puppies Kokiri Marae Tai Patu
5- Men 55:31 Hikoikoi Masters Hikoikoi
6- Men 55:40 Hawaikinui Blue Hawaiki Nui
7- Mixed 56:08 PCKC OMG Porirua Canoe Kayak Club
8- Men 56:46 Putiki Wanganui Te Ringa Miti Tai Heke
9- Men 57:38 Nohorua 19z Toa
10- Men 57:59 Sweet Az Aniuwaru
11- Mixed 1:0021 Whataitai Tai Tonga 41°

W1 Women 10km Morning race
Placing Time Paddler Name Club
1 57:30 Christina Chase Kokiri Marae Tai Patu
2 57:53 Anita Taggart Kokiri Marae Tai Patu

W1 Women 10km Afternoon race
1- 1:02:12 Chris Fox Kokiri Marae Tai Patu
2- Did not complete Kris Dahl Kokiri Marae Tai Patu

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