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Paddling ARC Bylaw 2.17

ARC Bylaw Rule 2.17

We now have a general agreement to go ahead with this plan. The objective is to inform all ARC councillors about the level of opposition paddlers feel about Bylaw rule 2.17 and the changes the subcommittee will recommend to the full ARC.

The plan is:
For you to email all paddlers in your contact list about what is required (sample email attached). Modify the attached email so you are comfortable with it and send it to your contacts.
Have paddlers send a prepared email (see below) to their local ARC councillor saying that the subcommittee's recommendations do not represent what 94% (514) of submitters said in their submissions - "I do not support regulation via a bylaw". The sub committee will not be pointing this out to the full ARC who will vote on whether or not to pass the rule wording.
* Here is the email for you to send to paddlers (also attachment)

* Here is the email for you to ask paddlers to send to ARC Councillors (also attachment)
CLICK HERE (in Word format)
CLICK HERE (in plain text for them to copy)

CLICK HERE has issues, history, and a list of all ARC councillors and also copies of the emails.

We wish to get one point across to the full ARC - the subcommittee is not representing what 94% of submitters asked for.

Time is of the essence - we need paddlers to email ARC councillors before the subcommittee reports to the full ARC and the bylaw is fixed for the next 5 years. Give me a ring on 410 3696 - or email me - if you need any help with this. I'll follow up on the various paddler forums as well.

Thanks & good luck


Kevin Dunsford
Day: 410 2810  Home: 410 3696
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Milford Auckland.

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