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Summer riding program has started.........see details below.
Tauranga Road Cycling Club Inc.
James Bachellier, Treasurer


Club Membership is now due.........details here.................Click Here
Hi All

This year the Club will be holding its AGM on Thursday 15th December, which is the second to last evening of Thursday night racing at Te Tumu for 2016.

The plan is to race as usual, then when racing concludes around 7:30pm, everyone relocates to the KKP building on Maketu Road for a barbeque and brief AGM. Please note this is not the same pack house as last year. Thanks again Jim for providing a venue for us. We will provide sausages and bread, bring your own steaks, salad, any other dietry needs and beverage. Jackie Stanton will be donating a few cokes and bags of chips for those who forget to bring anything.

If it is unsuitable weather for racing, the barbeque will start earlier. Even if it is fine weather, you are welcome to attend the barbeque and AGM only - you don't have to do the race.

See you there!

Katrina Tulip

Thursday Night Race Report – 1st December, 2016

The first day of summer was distinctly spring like with wind and squally rain, but 40 riders know that rain in Tauranga means it is good to ride in Maketu. Stephen and Mark handled the admin and corner duty. Gordon made his reappearance to Thursday night racing after an extended injury lacuna. Samuel’s recent promotion to 3 minutes left the 5’s looking a bit skimpy this week (Rick and Stephen come back), but we all ended up with a team, big or small, it was time to start hurting. The first lap felt hard, legs heavy, wondering why “that person” keeps making niggly attacks… but we make the first corner, wind on Maketu road is pretty good, this might be ok. Then into Kaituna road, you can’t shake the feeling of being hunted by the groups behind you, Talbot asks “is the tree looking bigger?” Doesn’t seem to be. Haunted by dark thoughts through the oxygen deprivation, Usain Bolt could run faster than this (Usain top speed, 44.72 km/h). Then we warm up and things look up, a couple of riders are jettisoned from their respective groups, but the rhythm has been established. The 7’s have a hair raising moment on the 1 lane bridge into Te Tumu road, a kamikaze car missing that the cyclists have right of way here, all riders safe. The 3’s and 1’s combine to make a powerful force, taking it up a notch from German efficiency to Swedish efficiency. Coming into the start of Kelly road, the 3 and 1 group drop a bomb into the middle of the 7’s, blowing them apart and picking up Nick and the Tandem. The 15’s hear the hum of carbon wheels, but no chance of jumping. Into the Kaituna corner and Greg and Rachel have popped off the back, the big rig not cornering quite as fast as the solo bikes. This was shaping up to be finish of the year, elbows sharpened, making sure not to get boxed in. A bit of hip and shoulder, my line, who was going to make the attack? Cody, Glen and Lee have timed the sprint just right, rolling all over their team mates for the medal positions. Competitors gasping for air after the exertion, spectators gasping for air after the excitement, good times for all.

15 Minutes
Chris Wotton
Michael Wotton
Tyler Steiner
Talbot Munro
Jackie Stanton
Paul McLeod
Zane Hurst

10 Minutes
Phoebe Bromiley
Bex Hughes
Gordon Oakley
Graham Muggridge
Garry Burt
Robby Stewart
Peter Swan

7 Minutes
Matt Johns
Greg and Rachel Kilgour
Rachael Thomson
Pete Newton
Anna Barrett
Emily Kneale
Nick Wotton
Kelly Shaw
Dominic Rogerson
Greg Walker

5 Minutes
Sarah Backler
Bron Healey
Ben McLeod

3 Minutes
Andy Collins
Richard Taylor
Matt Lochhead
Samuel Lord
Bobby Dean
Pete Campbell

1 Minute
Owen Owen
Cullen Browne
Richard McKey
Lee McLean (3rd)
Cody Cooper (1st)
Glen Carabine (2nd)
Tristan Haycock


Tuesday Night Training Rides - Departing at 6.00pm
Choice of:
1. Mount / Papamoa / Welcome Bay loop. Meet at AvantiPlus Mt Maunganui..
2. Oropi Rd - choice of Oropi / Ohauiti Loop, or Glue Pot Rd OR up to the school and back down Oropi. The faster groups will decide route on the night, the control pace group will do up to the school and back down each week. Meet at Renner Park Golf Club carpark.

Care is needed on both rides, particularly the ride from the Mount, as you will be on busy roads and travelling through many intersections.
1. All road rules apply, in particular giving way at all intersections and roundabouts.
2. Ride in single file
3. "Lap off" only to the left, regardless of wind direction, so you don't pop out unexpectedly in front of overtaking cars
4. Keep left
5. Riders at the front are the "eyes" for the entire group - make sure you let the group know if you are slowing or stopping for traffic and point out hazards on the road (pot holes, road kill, glass etc)
6. Front and Rear lights are required and make sure the rear light is on for the whole ride.
7. Display courtesy to other road users. Even if a car gives some abuse, don't shout back or gesture at them. No good has ever come from doing that.

Thursday Night Races - Registration by 6.00pm if possible, race starts at 6.15pm
Meet on Te Tumu Road, Maketu, just past the Kelly Rd intersection.
3 laps of the Kelly Rd / Maketu Rd / Kaituna Rd / Te Tumu Road circuit..(33km in total)
Handicap start racing.
Entry fee $1 for members, or $5 for non-members.
This year you will be able to pay in advance for the whole season ($20 for current and prospective members) - Jackie will keep track of this and it will save scratching around for coins every Thursday night.
Spot Prize draw after the race each night.
A few rules:
1. Pick up your number and enter before your warm up if you can - makes life easier for the handicapper.
2. All road rules apply, give way at the intersections and one lane bridges if required.
3. Keep to the left half of the road - it is quite narrow in places.
4. Lights are required.
5. At the start / finish, keep off the road. Unless your bike is moving, stay on the grass.

See you out there!

2016 Club Champs results here..........Click Here

2016 Our latest events calender is here, feel free to download as a reference.....
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For more information on the club contact: taurangacyclingclub@gmail.com

We do operate a Facebook Goup which many members belong to. This is a place where members can post results themselves and chat about anything to do with the club or cyling in general..........follow this link and become a member of this group:Click Here

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