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Good luck to Anthony Ouellet representing Tauranga in the NZ Junior Singles on Saturday 27th August in Wellington.
Champion of Champion Triples Plate Event Winners 2016
Tauranga Indoor Bowls Association
PO Box 3016
Tauranga 3142
Dave  Crockett, Secretary
07 543 3394



Welcome to the 2016 bowling season.  May you enjoy your bowls and have success in your endeavours be it at club, association or national level.

This year sees the New Zealand Indoor Bowls Championships being held in Tauranga and I encourage you all to participate whether it be in the Open or Over 60’s competitions.  The over 60’s competitions were a new initiative last year and while it was deemed successful, I believe holding this event in Tauranga will see numbers increase significantly.

The Association has gained some new blood within the administration side of the game, however, we are still missing some personnel for key positions within the Association.

Remember, without administrators there is no sport so please consider putting some time back into the game as well as playing.  We must also remember, that if people get burnt out, sometimes they not only give the job away but the sport too and with declining membership numbers we don’t wish this to happen.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Association in recent times.  Keep up the good work as your assistance in any way is always appreciated and may 2016 bring new ideas and enthusiasm at all levels of the game.

Your President,

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Thursday 25th August, Mount Sports Centre
Duty Grade - A Grade

NZ Junior Singles Final
Saturday 27th August, North Wellington
Good luck to Anthony Ouellet representing our Centre

Champ of Champ Fours - Fletcher Trophy
Sunday 28th August, 9.00am, Mount Sports Centre
Duty Club - Katikati


Putaruru Plaza - B Chisholm, J Still, M Ward
                            J Spearpoint
Tauranga Citizens - H Levy, L Roberts,
                                  A Matthews, D Ormsby
St Pius - G H, B Abraham, J Park, J E
Bethlehem - J Havill, J Tissingh, J Simpson,
                      R Steiner
Gate Pa - K Garratt, G Ward, M Crockett,
                S Porter
Club Mount Maunganui - B May, V Hagan,
                                          B Putt, K Kennedy
Greerton - K Carter, D Neil, S Carter, K Wehi
Papamoa - R Simmons, H Neems, J Jones,
                  R Lowe
South City - A Kershaw, B Skillington, L Kerr,
                    M Bieleski


Tauranga Citizens -
R Searanche, L Ormsby,
                                  D Coombes, B Smith
St Pius - B Reinsfield, J W, A B, R H
Bethlehem - S Wright, D Warth, S Kelly,
                      D Allum
Gate Pa - R Wacker, T Porter, L Keast,
                D Hilton
Club Mount Maunganui - T Cole, J Parker,
                                      F Coombes, R Conn
Greerton - I Richardson, B Zimmerman,
                  A Munro, C Jones
Papamoa - R Bartosh, D Sinclair, K Carr,
                  M Porter
South City - G Walker, L Pearson, S Holbrook, A Dorofaeffe

Secondary School Champs
Sunday 28th and Monday 29th August - North Wellington

Tauranga v Hamilton - Kaimai Shield
Sunday 21st August, 10.00am - Hamilton

Tauranga couldn't quite pull off the win in this event this year with the trophy returning to Hamilton. The final results were
86 game points 354 ends 574 points Tauranga 82 game points 342 ends 576 points

Team 1
Wayne Baker
Harley Neems
Annelies Baker
Brian Barton

Team 2
Brian Pointon
Lynne Hamilton
Andrew Matthews
Sue Vibert

Team 3
Robin Simmons
Marlene Neems
Alison Cowan
Lawrence Vibert

Team 4
Gordon Hamilton
Laurie Roberts
Anthony Ouellet
Dave Crockett

Team 5
Tracey Bethell
Anne Kershaw
Bev Chisholm
Judy Havill

Team 6
Billy Reinsfield
Bob Abraham
Barry Chisholm
Bryan Skillington

Reserve - TBA

Captain - Wayne Baker

Manager - Roger Bartosh

Champ of Champ Triples - South City Cup
Sunday 14th August, 9.00am, Mount Sports Centre
Duty Club - Bethlehem


WINNERS - Harry Levy, Sally Davies and Dorothy Coombes (Tauranga Citizens)

RUNNERS UP - Vern Campbell, Julie Still and Marlene Ward (Putaruru Plaza)

This is the 2nd Centre Title for each of the winning team members.
Third were Shane Patchett, Malcolm Sinclair and Mark Patterson (All Saints)


Bev Chisholm, Lois Brear and Rickson Heke (St Pius Club)

RUNNERS UP - Anne Kershaw, Phyllis Greet and Mary Bieleski (South City Club)

Third were Barry Chisholm, Ngaire Wallace and Shona Green (Putaruru Plaza)


Putaruru - V Campbell, J Still, M Ward
Tauranga Citizens - H Levy, S Davies,
                                  D Coombes
St Pius - B Reinsfield, J Park, R Heke
Gate Pa - S Hook, J Wacker, L McIntosh
Katikati - N Mikkelsen, B Sugden, H Mack
Lichfield - J Royackers, A Syben, R Beach
Papamoa -  C Nicholson, V Hagan, D Seymour
Club Mount Maunganui - B May, D Wilson,
                                          M Palmer-Putt
Otumoetai - T Stockdale, F Seamark, L Duck
South City - G Walker, L Kerr, S Carter
Citz RSA Te Puke - B Martelletti, K Wadsworth,
                                K Rolston
Greerton -  S Holbrook, D Warth, D Neill
Bethlehem - B Reyland, J Simpson, S Steiner
All Saints -  S Patchett, M Sinclair, M Patterson


Putaruru -
Barry Chisholm, N Wallace, S Green
Tauranga Citizens -  R Searancke, A Matthews
                                  D Ormsby
St Pius - Bev Chisholm, L Brear, Rickson Heke
Gate Pa -  t Porter, I Ross, G Porter
Katikati -  M Coles, J Gilmore, D Sherriff
Club Mount Maunganui - M Williams,
                                          C Fitzgerald, S Lee
Papamoa - G Caie, M Caie, B Barton
Otumoetai - A Peet, B Skillington, B Garrett
South City - A Kershaw, P Greet, M Bieleski
Greerton - L Ormsby, I Richardson, K Carter
Bethlehem - S Wright, W Neilsen, M Berry



Management & Club Date Meeting
Thursday 1st September, 7.30pm, Wesley Church Centre

AIMS Games
Sunday 4th to Friday 9th, Baypark

NZ Hensilite Champ of Champ Singles
Saturday 10th September, Wellington

Interclub Prizegiving
Thursday 15th September, 7.30pm, Mount Sports Centre
Duty Grade - B Grade

Representative Fundraising Tournament
Thursday 22nd September, 7.30pm, Mount Spors Centre
Duty - All Rep Players

Executive Meeting
Thursday 29th September, 7.30on, Wesley Church Centre

Prizegiving and BBQ
Sunday 16th October, 3.30pm, Page & Macrae, 61 Aerodrome Road

Management Meeting
Thursday 27th October, 7.00pm

NZ Indoor Bowls AGM
Saturday 3rd December, Wellington

Tauranga Association AGM
Wednesday 7th December, 7.30pm Wesley Church Centre

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