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5 A Side

5 A Side Rules

1 - A playing team shall consist of 5 players on the field at any time with 3 substitutes allowed for each game

NB: rolling substitutes will be allowed

2 - No goal keepers are allowed

3 - No offside laws apply

4 - Goals can only be scored inside the 20 yard line ( marked in each half) except if the ball is played by a defending player; ie on own goal can be scored from anywhere on the field

5 - Each game will consist of two 7 minute periods of play ( length of games may be changed at organizers discretion). Half time is 2 minutes duration.

(a) if the goal scores are level at the end of normal time two x 2 minute periods of extra time shall be played. Golden goal rules apply for extra time, ie the 1st team to score in extra time is the winner.

(b) If the goal scores are still level after this extra time then the game shall be decided on a penalty shoot out on a sudden death basis ie players from each team on the field at the time shall take alternative penalties until such time as one team is successful and the other is not.

(c) Each team member including the designated defender shall each take a penalty before any team member can take another kick.

(d) When a penalty is taken the designated defender cannot use their hands. Use of their hands will result in a goal being rewarded regardless of the ball going towards the goal or not.

6 - Any team that wins by default will receive 3 goals automatically.

7 - Other than those rules stipulated above, normal soccer rules apply.

NB: The marked goal circle is the same as a normal penalty area. Fouls handballs etc inside this area will result in a penalty which is to be taken at the edge of the circle in front of the goal. The rule for penalties is the same as rule 5 (d).
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