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Summer 7's

Timaru City A.F.C
Summer 7s 2016

Concept ; The competition is designed for light hearted preseason training and fun


1 - Seven ( 7 ) players per side on the field at any one time with rolling
substitutions allowed.

2 - All games will be played at Sir Basil Arthur Park on Wednesday evenings for
a period of 10 weeks beginning on January 13th.
Any Wednesday that has been postponed due to rain etc, will be played the
following Monday evening at the same time and ground..
Should that Monday be cancelled then those games will not be played at all and
that round cancelled.

3 - All games will start on time by a club official with an air horn.
This will be used to start and end each half of the game.
Any games that have started late due to teams not arriving early enough or by
taking to much time for half time break will finish at the sound of the air horn
regardless of how much playing time you have had.
Please note all games are 15 minutes each way with 2 minutes allowed for half

4 - Entry fee is $140 per team.
This payment must be paid by the 5th week to be eligible for the end of
tournament draw to receive any prize money .
Any team that has not paid their entry fee by the end of games on February 25th
will not receive any game points or goals for the remaining games.

5 - A club official will be at the grounds or in the bar for payment of entry fees
and to officiate with any problems arising with games etc.

6 - The draw will be advertised each Wednesday morning in the Timaru Herald.

7 - Prize money is allocated to each grade with numerous spot prizes to be given
out at the conclusion of the last game on March 14th in the club rooms.


1 - No boots or playing shoes with screw in studs allowed.
sneakers, multi studs, bars or touch shoes should be worn

2 - Teams that win by default will be awarded 3 goals and 3 competition points.

3 - No off sides

4 - Goals can be scored from anywhere within the field of play.

5 - The semi circle at each end of the field is the same as a penalty area , any fouls
in this area will result in a direct free kick to be taken at the edge of the semi circle
directly in front of the penalty area.

6 - The 2 teams playing shall organize a referee for each half. Official club referees
will be available at times .
Often with the nature of the game, the game can be played without a referee as
it is a true social and fun time.

7 - Goalkeepers are permitted.

8 - Back passes to the goalkeeper are allowed.

9 - The goalkeeper is not allowed outside the semi circle at any time during the
game unless they have swapped playing positions etc. Any breach of this rule will
result in a free kick to be taken at the point where the goalkeeper made the

10 - Any presiding referee has the club backing to yellow card any player for
dangerous, aggressive, foul play and abusive language.

11 - Other than those rules stipulated above, normal soccer rules apply.

12 - Each team is responsible for informing the duty bar person the result of their
games with the correct scores.
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