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Registrations are now open for the 2015 Hockey all years
Verdon College Sports
210 Rockdale Road, Invercargill, 9810
Site Last updated 26/03/15
by Lee S Greig
Lee S Greig, Sport Coordinator
03 216 9039 ext 645


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Congratulations to the following students who qualifed and are competing at the Southland Primary Schools Athletics this weekend at Surrey Park
Jessica Spain, Lachlan Baird, Jacob Crooks, Fahey Hunter, Riley Hika, Oliver Hogan, Issac Oudhoff, Brydon Andrews, Keisha Crooks, Shakaya Lunch-Hird, Briar Richards, Jack Butler, Josh George, Sam McColl, Jayden Milliane, Kaea Nikora-Balloch, Anthony Pearce, William Peterson, Ryan Phillips
Please note there have been changes to the trial dates
for Yr 9 students

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Coaches for Yrs 9 & 7
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Annual College Sport days
Annual college sport days are held for Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country and all students are encouraged to participate in these at
their chosen level

Sporting Exchanges
Verdon has two major sports exchanges one Junior and one Senior.
Southern Catholic Schools Tournament which involves; Verdon College, St Peters College, Kavanagh College, St Kevins College & Roncalli College. Competing in Netball, Hockey, Football, Basketball and Rugby

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Are you a student who wants to register for one of our sports? Registration forms are up for some 2015 Term 1 Sports please check our individual sports and registration page
and here for rugby
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Verdon College wants to know and celebrate your sporting achivements outside of school
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At Verdon College we pride ourselves on high sports participation and cater for a wide vartiety of recreation and sporting codes

Last year 79% of Verdon Students participated and represented our school in various sports 
Registrations are now open for 2015
Please check our Registration Forms page to register
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