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Waikato Hockey 6-a-side positional play
This document sets out a patern of play that we think will benefit both intermediate and secondary teams playing in the new 6-a-side competitions.  Click Here

Getting Started in Coaching
This is a Sport New Zealand publication designed for new coaches.  Click Here

Backyard Hockey Capers
This publication is designed for teachers and parents that want to engage their children in hockey in the back yard or school grounds. Read more and view a sample page.  Click Here

The TGFU approach to coaching is nothing new.  Using games to teach players the skills and tactics make perfect sense when you think about it.  Situational learning is used in most educational institutions so why not apply it on the hockey field.  Dennis Slade has published a book about the subject.  .  Available at Bennetts at Massey University  for about $50.  Click Here.  Just cut and past the full title into their search box. Slade, 2010. Transforming play: Teaching tactics and game sense Ill Human Kinetics
Unfortunately the stick2hockey DVD is no longer available.

Basic 11-a-side Positional Play
This is an up to date resource that explains some basic positional concepts for the modern game.  This resourse was produced by Bryce Collins from North Harbour Hockey.  Click Here

Precepts of Hockey
This is a document detailing the ages and stages of a hockey players development.  Click Here

Hockey Jargon
Click Here

Hockey Stretches
This is a document detailing a hockey specific warm up.  Click Here

Nutrition for Hockey
Waikato Hockey document on nutrition Hockey Nutrition.  Click Here

Speed and agility drills (videos)
Here is a good selection of video clips of speed and agility drills.  Click Here

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Coaching News
Hockey New Zealand Coach Development Framework
Hockey New Zealand has developed a new Coach Development Framework that is based on continuous improvement through increasing effective coaching skills, knowledge and understanding. Click Here to read more