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Regatta Information

Points Regattas

Secondary Schools Spring Regatta
Jury Cup
Wanganui Secondary Schools Championship
Wanganui Masters Regatta

Crews competing in points regattas will receive points on the following basis:
5 point - 1st
3 point - 2nd
1 point - 3rd

Wanganui Championships Only

A modified qualificaition of heats and semi-finals will be held for events where necessary with a maximum of seven (7) crews in each race. Events with seven or less starters will be held as finals only. Qualification races will be held over 2000 metres and qualification will be based on finishing position from all qualifying races.
Where there are two heats - first three (3) to final.
Where there are three heats - first two (2) to final.
Where there are four heats - first to final, then four second placegetters to semi-final with first and second qualifying.
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